Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Holiday Hoopla

The fair I attended Saturday wasn't as bustling as I had anticipated with it being the weekend before Thanksgiving, but it was fun and definitely a great learning experience. Quite a few people stopped by my table to chat and I received a lot of compliments on my work but the flow of people was slow enough that I was grateful that Joe and my sketchbook had come along to keep me company.

All in all though, I'm happy that I went. As promised, here are some photos of my preparations as well as my table on the day of the show:

Various bits and stages of ornament making.

Mushroom Homes...

Bagging up the artwork.

The Big Day:

P.S. I promise I took some time to relax after the show. I kicked back with a few glasses of red wine, a book and a blanket Saturday evening, went out to lunch and downtown to pick up a few stocking stuffers on Sunday and took myself to breakfast yesterday morning.


  1. I must have a mushroom (gnome in a jar) necklace. Don't list mine just let me know what I need to send you...oh my goodness how adorable. But then so are you. I love your set up, it is very appealing. Yeah sometimes shows are a drag unless you have someone to talk to or something to do while you wait for the shoppers. But like you said good experience for the next time huh? I am serious about the mushroom....red cap please. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. I LOVE the mushroom homes, just too cute!!!!!

    Too bad you didn't have as good a turn out, but perhaps people were getting ready for Thanksgiving?

    I've found it so touch and go at festivals, so I guess craft shows are the same.

  3. Your table looks fantastic! Way to go on your first show.

  4. I LOVE those little mushrooms! =D
    Everything looks amazing & I'm glad you had a good experience. ^-^
    Those tiny jar necklaces are amazing. ^-^
    Hope you're having a good day & glad to hear that you took some time to chill afterward.


  5. What is WRONG with people that they wouldn't have snatched up those mushroom homes as soon as you put them on the table?

    Craft sales are certainly odd. I have a friend who makes his living selling shortbread cookies at craft sales, and he was just telling me about the two sales he did in Ottawa last month. One was a mob scene all week and he had to drive out twice (8 hours each way) with more cookies because they were selling so fast, and the one the next weekend was a complete bust and he barely sold enough to cover costs. The lesson to remember is that you mustn't take a lack of sales as any sort of reflection of the quality of your work. It's just what was happening that particular day.

  6. Congrats on your first show! Everything looks wonderful. I love the little shoe/boot ornaments!

  7. Your table looked really great! Love those little mushroom bottles - they are so cute!!!

    I agree with the comments above - you never know with craft shows. Sometimes they are booming - and sometimes a bust. So happy you gave yourself a little R&R (and wine) afterward!

  8. everything looks wonderful. I always get inspired by others when they show their creativity. I love the table display! I hope abundance comes to you this Yule season!


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