Thursday, October 21, 2010

On the Twenty and Twenty-First Days of Hallowe'en...

I drank a hefty amount of cinnamon spice tea last night while scouring the internet for some lovely vintage Halloween images. Why? You see, we have one of those digital photo frames that someone gave us as a gift last year, and the poor thing has been sitting on our end table unused and collecting dust the whole time. However, I'm about to change all that. With the help of some old postcards and saucy witches it will decorate my final empty table space for Halloween. I still have a few stray pumpkin decorations to wrangle up and put out, but aside from those and the last minute things I'll be doing the day of my Halloween party I'm finished decorating this season.

After I had loaded my final photo this morning, I made this little pumpkin faery painting.

She measures in at a mere 5"x7" and was done entirely in watercolor. I cannot believe how much I've improved with this medium over the past year. While it may not show extremely well in the scan, her dress is made up of many tiny blades of grass and the pumpkin is formed from several layers of green, brown and orange paint. I've listed her in my shop if anyone is interested in giving her and her wee pumpkin a good home.


  1. The faery is sweet with her acorn tam. So playful and fun. I love her...xoxo The Olde Bagg

  2. I love your fairy! she fits perfectly in with your whimsical cottage. And anything with cinnamon is divine! :)

  3. very cute fairy, and love the acorn hat! hope you are having fun with all your party prep, sounds like you are gonna have a blast! Hope your eye is doing better.

  4. adorable little pumpkin fairy... love the little hat


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