Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On the Seventeenth through Nineteenth Days of Hallow'en...

I'll start off this post with an update on my eye as I had my follow up with the doctor this morning. The outer most layer of my eye is healed, which is great news. Unfortunately, the eye drops I'm on, while healing the infection, have caused inflammation in the next layer of my cornea. This is causing continued photo sensitivity, some goopy grossness and a thin layer of film to keep developing that's obscuring my vision. Unfortunately, I can't quit the eye drops that are aggravating but healing my eye just yet, because the eye drops to soothe the inflammation are steroid based. Steroids in my situation can cause the lesions to open right back up and even flourish if not kept in check by the original eye drops. I also have to be seen fairly frequently to make sure the lesions don't begin to re-open and we don't have to start back at square one.

So, a mixed bag of news from the doctor this morning and I'll be continuing to fight this thing for a while longer.

Oh well, enough of that hum drum though and on to the fun stuff!

Over the past three days of Hallowe'en I've...
Gone on a walk in the park to see the leaves starting to change.

Many, Many Ducks
Trees Down by the River

Painted some pumpkin folks with Joe.

Wee Pumpkin Couple

Watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time this season. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have seen this movie, I love it. That being said, Lets do the Time Warp Again!


  1. sorry to hear it's good news/bad news with your eye..know you will hang in there, and soon it will be all better. Love the time warp!!!

  2. I do thank you for the update...I know we all hoped for more positive but I know you will heal, when you heal.
    I had no idea that you were one of those......people. You see, I've been a RHPS addict since for bloody ever. Too much fun. I love it. Thanks for the vid....yeah for a fun thing today. The Olde Bagg
    pssssst. green is the word at my house....thanks for agreeing and concurring and commiserating...we're gonna have some fun.

  3. I just had a weekend hike by a creek and it was wonderful! I loved the changing leaves it was magical!
    I got some amazing pics you should check it out

  4. I'm sorry your eye isn't healing as fast as you'd like...but it is healing and that's the good bit!

    I love what you've done with your little pumpkin cute!

    I haven't watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show yet this year. I did however finally talk my daughter into watching it and now she's hooked too! Don't worry, she's 19. Wait, did I just show my age? *smile*

  5. I will keep sending you good healing energy for your eye.

    The pumpkin people are super cute.

    I, too, have a love of Rocky Horror. I have always wanted to play Janet in either the cast of the play or at one of the midnight screenings.

  6. I have never watched that movie. I will have to put it on the must-watch list. Those pumpkin people are really cute!

  7. I love that movie! I got to be with my partner the first time he saw it and it was a blast to relive it with someone who had never seen it. But to the point!
    I am awarding you with three blog awards! The Stylish Blogger Award, The Versatile Blogger Award and One Lovely Blog Award. You can find all the info at Triple blog award post.

  8. sheesh! what a hassle with your eye! But the photos of the park are beautiful!


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