Friday, October 22, 2010

A House Cleansing and Blessing

As I mentioned a few posts ago, Autumn is the time I do my annual cleaning rather than Spring. This time of year is great for cleansing and protection spells as well as divination. Since it took me longer than expected to finish my home's decluttering and deep cleaning (there were so many unpacked boxes stuffed in some of our closets) I opted to wait until today to perform my home cleansing and blessing spell work so I could get the extra power of the Full Moon behind me. Once my house is cleaned physically, this is the ritual I came up with and use to cleanse and bless it magically.

First thing's first, get rid of any negativity you flushed out during your cleaning spree. Take up your besom and sweep all that nastiness right out the door! To get rid of any particularly stubborn residual negativity light a black candle in the room where you and your family spend the bulk of your time. As you light it say:

Absorb into thee all negativity,
that our home shall be cleansed,
and our hearts will be free.
As I will it, so shall it be.

Let the candle burn out on its own.

Before the next phase, I like to take a shower or bath. If I'm going to cleanse my space I had get rid of any residual yuck that's clinging to me. Once I'm clean and dressed I gather the following items in the center of my home.

-Small Glass Bowl
-White Candle in a safe container (see my photo above)
-Feather or Smudge Fan
-Loose herbal blend. You can put any herbs that you associate with purification, protection and prosperity in here. I use a blend of sage, thyme, mint and lavender.

Ground and center. In the small dish mix the water and salt. Walk along the edges of your home, through each room, sprinkling the mixture as you go. At each window and exterior door you come to sprinkle the mixture over the door step and window sill. Then pause and draw a star on the window or door with the mixture and your fingertip. As you do so say:

By Earth and Water I bless this entrance.
I bar entry to that which means us harm,
Only love shall enter here.

Once you've gone through each room in your home and made sure to bless each entry point, go back to the center of your home. Set down the bowl and light the candle. Take up the herbal mixture and sprinkle it over the top of the candle. With your feather or smudge fan spread the smoke throughout the room, making sure to get it into each corner and dark space. As you do so say:

By Air and Fire I cleanse and purify this space,
only joy and kindness will dwell and prosper here.

Repeat this for each room in your home taking care to refresh the herbs on top as needed. I usually put my candle and a small pile of the herb mixture on a plate to achieve this easily. Once you've cleansed each room return to the center of your home. Place your items down. Ground and center yourself before blessing your home as follows:

Let Air's laughter ring,
Water's love flow,
Fire's energy protect,
and Earth prosperity bring.
This home is now blessed by the elements four,
No spirits shall hide nor negativity endure.
May blessing enter and darkness flee,
As I will it, so shall it be.

Let the candle burn out. Take any leftover herbs and salt water outside to return to the earth.

Happy 22nd day of Hallowe'en! Get out under the full moon tonight, it's the closest one to Samhain. ;)

I'm sharing my spell with all of you lovelies for your personal use. Please don't republish this in part or full without my permission. That's bad karma.


  1. excellent! love it! great cleansing! congrats on your decluttering too! may your home and loved ones, and yourself have only positive energy flowing in and mote it be!

  2. Lovely cleansing ritual. Thanks for your generosity of spirit and talent. Brightest Blessings, TOB

  3. Very nice ritual, I also like it and thank you for sharing it.!
    Blessings nine!

  4. This seems like a very good blessing. I'm planning on doing my autumn house-cleaning/cleansing in early November, and I'll use it then. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    One of the old beliefs is that you should always buy a new broom to do the cleansing of a new home. Similarly, never take an old broom to your new home, nor should you use an old broom left behind by someone else. The suggestion here seems to be that the broom isn't fully sweeping all the negativity out; some of it always remains stuck to the broom.

    As it happens our old broom is rather worn, so I think I'll buy a new one for my big cleaning.

  5. Thanks for sharing your cleansing ritual! I too do my "big" cleaning in the Fall...and again in the Spring. Have I mentioned I'm kind of a nut case when it comes to clutter? Can't stand the stuff! Plus I think it's nice to clear out any and all negativity a couple times a year.

  6. Lovely ritual! I do a clearing and cleansing in my house a couple times a year at least. I like your ritual and must integrate it! I shall put this on my list for the coming week!

  7. That's such a lovely spell, thank you for sharing :D

  8. I love this - thank you for contributing to my Grimoire !!


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