Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On the Second, Third and Fourth Days of Halloween...

I went to an Oktoberfest and had some seasonal brews:

And set up my altar for Samhain. If you look closely, you'll spot a few items from the pagan swaps on Craftster, as well as items from Carioca Witch and Anathemum on Etsy. I added the baby pumpkin and gourd on the fourth day after stopping at a stand to grab a few.

To honor the dearly dead...

Crystals, Candles and Cauldron

The list of Hallowe'en revelers is growing each day and it's not too late to join in on the fun! Click the button below to visit the party post.


  1. Oh goodness...you and Joe are darling as the Oktoberfest greeters. My Joe used to dance in Lederhosen (short German leather pants) with a German Folk Dancing group....I married him inspite of that lack of life protocol..hehehe. I love a man in leather grrrrrrrr. Oktoberfest is so much fun with beer, food, beer, drunks, and beer.
    I adore your altar. Every bit as wonderful as I imagined it would be. Your such a clevaaaaa girl even if yous sick. Be well love, The Olde Bagg

  2. love the round stone, what kind is it? also the tarot deck is pretty awesome as well. What a beautiful altar!~

  3. I love your altar! I need to do a revamping of mine shortly to get it Samahin ready. You're altar cloth is beautimus! I wish I could find some fabric like that!


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