Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Tea Party Cometh...

I'm in the final days of preparations for my mad tea party, which I plan to host Saturday morning, but will not be sharing until the 26th, with all of the other magical blogs who are coming together for this event.

I've invested in some porcelaine markers and some white esspresso cups and saucers to decorate for the party, have gotten gobs of delectable candies and treats to eat whilst we sip our tea, am gathering my picnic blanket and napkins, selected the perfect tea pot for the event and am nearing completion on my guests of honor.

The lion is complete. His main is primped and painted and his coat and trousers are colorful as he refuses to be outdone by the Unicorn's sense of style.

The Unicorn is nearly there. His main and tail are are tousled and colorful, and his ruffled collar is unmatched. His horn will soon be golden and his eyes painted and he will be ready to join me for tea.


  1. I love them to pieces. GK and I reviewed Alice Through the Looking Glass this last week as her book of the week. I must admit I did not remember the lion and the unicorn until then. And then I squealed OMG that's why Danni is doing the lion and the unicorn...duh...I am a giant duh monster.
    We have sorta mixed metaphors in our Mad Tea Party....part Alice and the Looking Glass, part Alice in Wonderland and of course the New one with mr. gorgeous. I have included the black crow as black as a tar barrel in ours just to see if anyone is a duh monster like me.
    I love your animals. I can hardly wait for the white queen and the Hatter to sit down to luscious tea and drama queen cupcakes.
    luv ya kiddo, The Olde Bagg

  2. Beautiful... looks as though it will be an amazing mad tea party!!

  3. They are both so handsome! Can't wait to see the tea party!

  4. I want them both! Too darling.

  5. Owwww how fabulous!!!! You did such a great job on those dolls! I cannot wait for the tea party and to visit you!!

  6. Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful Litha & Summertime.

    Kisses from us.

  7. Being a Leo I have a penchant for Lions..yours is especially charming:)


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