Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A belated blessed Litha to all of you! I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday and despite it being extremely summery here (98° and not a cloud in the sky) I couldn't bring myself to go all out and celebrate. I did have a relaxing day and a dinner out on the porch watching the sun set. It went down around 9:15pm here.

I made a salad with local seasonal vegetables then tossed in some fresh blackberries and cherries to sweeten it up. I ate my salad dry, but Joe made a honey and balsamic vinagrette to put on his.

After dinner, we just sat outside and enjoyed the late setting sun and once the dark had settled on us, we broke out the sparklers:

We sat outside just talking until 1am, without even realizing it. We packed it in and went to bed for he had work early.

I've been bustling away, making preparations for a very important date. The places are being set, the guests will be arriving on time and there will be tea a plenty a flowing.

I hope you'll join me Saturday, when I host my Mad Tea Party here at my cottage.


  1. I wouldn't miss your tea party for anything....I can hardly wait to see the guests of honor. What type of tea will you be serving??? I am partial to english breakfast with only one dollop and a "less than" spoon. Should I bring crumpets or biscuits to share? I'm so excited. The Olde Bagg

  2. never have thought of blackberries in a salad but I am sure they would be delightful. of course I will stop by for your tea party... can not wait for it...

  3. Mmm...the salad sounds delicious. And it sounds like a beautiful relaxing night.I am definitely going to stop by to see what you have planned for the tea party.

  4. Your salad looks absolutely delicious! I can't wait to see what you have in store for Saturday. Hope you're feeling better! ^-^

  5. can't wait to see everyone's tea party!
    wish I had enough energy to host one!

  6. Sorry to hear you were feeling a bit 'blah.'

    Can't wait to see what's happening at the tea party!


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