Sunday, June 13, 2010

And we met at the water...

It was an unbelievably cathartic and empowering experience, joining so many people at the water to send our strength and healing to our seas.

I got home from work just before Midnight and took a few minutes to set up my altar and recharge my batteries before beginning.

I covered my altar in the blues and whites I associate with the waves, and put out only the bare essentials. A bowl of water from my tap, organic dead sea salts to mix in, large shells and my sea painting to help me focus and channel, a quartz crystal to enhance my energy, my mermaid athame and my chalice.

I called on the Lord and Lady and my kindred elements, specifically asking each to help with my ritual... fire to keep my passion and intentions burning bright, water to absorb my energies, air to carry my strength where it is needed, and earth to ground me and keep me from giving more than I can handle.

Into the chalice I poured some sea water from my beloved Jersey shore and using my athame and speaking, combined it with the water from home. I then added some of the sea salts, creating new ocean water to blend with the old to heal the wound as new skin does for us.

I then sat, hands in my bowl and meditated, sending my strength and prayers for healing out to our Oceans, until I couldn't stop yawning and left the tug to let go. I ended my ritual and took the water outside, poured it out and asked it to find it's way to the source and carrying my energy with it.

I then went to bed, drained, but feeling better than I have in weeks. As I slept I dreamt of the ocean, vast and blue and calm and it spoke to me saying it will be healed, it will survive. I usually don't remember dreams, but this morning with the ocean's soft voice still echoing in my head, I feel nearly at peace.


  1. Oh Danni, how beautiful....not only your altar but the gift of a soothing dream. Shel and I both commented how focused we both felt after our ritual. I am so glad that we were a part of a greater whole. Another bloggie buddy, non pagan said we needed to do this on a consistent basis. And so she and I will join to do this.
    Have a wonderful Sunday. The Olde Bagg

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful ceremony!! It did feel amazing to be a part of something so much bigger.

  3. Beautiful setting!
    I only took a few moment to stop and meditate about what everyone where doing yesterday, no proper ritual unfortunatly. We spent the day playing in the water thought, and I had a lots of thoughts about the ocean, hope it helped everyone (and mommy nature)

  4. Beautiful and deep, Danni... Loved how yougot into the feeling. I felt absolutely drained after my ritual, and played with Lucas for a while after that, just to rcharge myself from the sadness implied. I was exactly thinking of how important it is to renew this on a regular basis, and I read Linda's comment. I think that if we could repeat something once month or once a week now that it is so "fresh", it would be wonderful. I'll do it every Friday, on a simpler way than what I did with Lucas, though.

    Kisses from us.

  5. how wonderful your altar looked :) and such a refreshing ritual....... i went to the beach and sat with friends we sent our love and light and healing to replenish Her it felt amazingly powerful and a feeling of togetherness as we joined our hands accross the globe... blessed be

  6. Blessings Danni, you are such a compassionate person. Your altar looks beautiful! Thank you for taking part in this beautiful prayer.

  7. Wow! You've inspired me to do something similar here from the west coast (I'm in California). With our blessings and energies coming in from both sides only the best results can come from it. Blessed be!

  8. Thank you for joining me on the Monday Gulf healing ritual, Danni! :o)

    Kisses and love from us.

  9. That's really beautiful! I live less than an hour from the Gulf here in Louisiana and, ofcourse it's impacting us even if you can't physically see it! It's sad and it angers me so much! But, thank you for all your blessings! Take care!

  10. What a wonderful ritual. I really felt everyone's energy this weekend - so many people taking time to concentrate on the Earth's Water!


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