Friday, June 11, 2010

Of Oceans and Oil

Lord of the Sea

Oil is still pouring into the Gulf and every day I see more and more photos of tormented, oil covered wildlife and my heart breaks a little bit more. The photos of the pelicans, soaked in oil and seemingly screaming drive me to rage which is quickly followed by sorrow.

We have desecrated our Ocean in a huge way. We're raping her habitats, coating them in crude oil and killing her children. Humanity is not unaffected by this travesty however, 11 people have died; countless others have lost their livelihoods or are about to. Even worse than that though, the Oceans are the life blood of our world. If we destroy them, we destroy ourselves. Minute organisms called phytoplankton make their homes in the seas. You may or may not have heard of these creatures, if you have you probably don't think about them. But you should. Scientists estimate that these ocean dwelling single cell organisms supply 50 - 85% of the world's oxygen. If that isn't magical enough for you, the oceans control our weather. Those clouds you enjoy on a sunny day? Thank the Ocean. The rain that helps our crops to grow and feed us? Thank our Ocean.

The next time someone tells you what's going on in the ocean doesn't effect them, tell them how the ocean provides at least half of the air they're breathing. Ask them if they want their children or grandchildren to grow up in a world without Sea Turtles or Right Whales. If they're the material type explain to them that some of our most popular food items contain kelp or algae. Do they enjoy peanut butter, soymilk... beer? They have the ocean to thank for those.

Chances are pretty good however, that if someone has this mindset they aren't going to care about anything you have to say anyway. Don't waste your energy being angry with them.. you can't teach those who are unwilling to learn. You can however, kick them in the shin. Or better yet, start a group of concerned citizens in your area, talk to council members about your communities recycling programs, drive your car less and get others to do the same. If it's one thing the self absorbed can't stand, it's us 'damn hippies'.

I've been wishing I could take off weeks from work and drive to the Gulf to help with rescue efforts, but my bills won't allow for unpaid time off from work. I'm not giving up on trying to help in other ways. If I can't be there is person, I can be there in spirit and I can make my voice heard. I've been tweeting like a fiend, talking to anyone who cares to listen about how they can help, keeping up to date with the news and donating what I can when I can. A lot of people are doing the same, some are calling for boycotts and others are calling for reforms and a change in the way we live. Personally, I'm firmly in the second camp. Boycotting BP won't stop other oil companies from continuing to drill... lessening our dependence on oil will.

I'll end this lengthy rant here and offer you an inspiring story, a New Moon ritual and a tidbit about something particular I'm doing to help out and how you can help me with that.

Please join myself, several of my soul sisters and a plethora of others as we join together in spirit and send our prayers, energy and healing to the Ocean tomorrow during the New Moon. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs you are invited to join in. Please click the image above to visit Not Hannah at Divining Women, the mastermind behind this global communion.

11 Year old Olivia Boulder has raised thousands of dollars for the Birds Affected by the Gulf Disaster. You can read her story here. It will melt your heart.

The painting at the top of this post was born out of my love for the Sea. I had created quite the ugly, oily art journal page in a fit of emotional turmoil the other day but wanted to focus this painting on the beauty and solitude of the Sea. I will be listing prints in my shop with a limited run of 150 prints. 50% of all purchases of this print will be donated to the Audobon Institure and the Audobon Society. The institute is raising money to help marine mammals and turtles during this tragedy and the society is helping the birds. I will be taking all of the proceeds and splitting them up between the two organizations every two weeks.


  1. beautiful painting... your words echo all our feelings... see you at the water tomorrow.

  2.'s like someone took my own thoughts and transported them to you. beautifully expressed. thank you.

  3. Thank you, lady. I'll meet you at the water tomorrow.

  4. it's a beautiful painting danny.
    I can't help feeling so helpless. It makes me nauseus.

  5. Good read and very awesome thoughts! I enjoyed this alot! I live in South/ Central Louisiana, so this is a really big deal for us whats going on here right now as it very well should be for all! But, you still have people that have that "Drill Baby Drill" mentality! Very sad before and even more sad than ever now! Have a good weekend!

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  7. Your art translates so well everybody's feelings - that is, of those who care... I just can't understand how some people simply don't feel for these innocent creatures. They have the right of being here, longer than we have. It breaks my heart and honestly I can't stand seeing any more photos of birds covered in oil, it hurts so much... Lucas turns his face when he sees them on the paper, eyes shut. It's simply umberable.

    We joined the chain and made our ritual to connect with the many souls who are trying to send healing vibes to the Mother.

    Kisses and love from us.


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