Friday, July 5, 2019

Backyard Birds

We've had quite the plethora of bird visitors in our backyard recently, which has made my bird loving heart so happy. Acorn and I have a good time identifying them and watching their antics. I managed to snap photos of quite a few of them; some while out in the yard and some with extreme stealth through the window on the backdoor.

Not picture are the dozen or so chimney swifts that are using our chimney as their home for the 9th Summer in a row. I love when I hear their strange loud chatter pick up at dusk for the first time each year. Also not captured by my camera is the great horned owl that has visited my yard a few times as I've watched the fireflies in the evening.

That bird is cheeky as hell! The one night it landed at the top of one of our pine trees and Joe ran to get the cameras. He came back, handed mine over, and it the 2 seconds I had turned towards him and away from the tree, the owl disappeared! It must not be a fan of the paparazzi. :)




Red Tailed Hawk
Red Tailed Hawk.

Not sure what this cutie is.

Eastern Bluebird
Eastern Bluebird. My favorite songbird. <3 Carolina Wren
Carolina Wren.

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  1. Nice shots! I love watching the birds. I have a hummingbird feeder out and they are so cute to watch. I also have a bird bath and it is cool watching the birds splash around in it. So fun!