Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Everyday Magics

If I wasn't one for ritual B.C. (before child), I certainly can't get in to it now. Between keeping Orion from break dancing on the kitchen table, swinging the cat over his head by his tail, feeding everyone, keeping the house in some semblance of cleanliness, spending time with Joe, and taking time to do the things I enjoy there really isn't much time left in the day for much pomp and circumstance.

Good thing I've always been a low maintenance sort of gal and Witch. ;)

My altar is (bravely) set up on my (new! Thanks, babe) dresser in my bedroom. So far, little hands have been disinterested in exploring it. Whether that's because of magic or simply that it's all old hat and he's seen the same old bones since he came home, I can't say. But I'm glad for it!

It's an all purpose Winter/New Year job, at the moment, but will change when Spring officially gets here. The beautiful butterfly in the center was a gift from my SIL, and perfectly timed as a kick in the shin from the Universe that, dammit, it's time to stop being afraid and go with the changes. Sort of like my card pull and subsequent phrase of the year pick, which I tried to just ignore - "Embody Feminitity". The card on the left is a wonderful little idea I got from my fabulous friend Lisa over at Woman Magick. She creates a magical little envelope for each month of the year with candles, love & magic notes, and little add ins. I decided to do the same, and open them at each New Moon.

Aside from those little magics at the altar, I'm more or less living my magic. You can find it tucked in to corners of our home; wish bones in the kitchen, charms over the doors, egg shells being saved to make fresh powder, pinecones on the mantle to celebrate the season. A broom used to sweep things out, vinegar and herbs for cleaning and cleansing, the crows that nest in my backyard that Orion and I both love to watch and listen to, the attention paid to the land we live on, and my latest endeavor - visioning for secret messages.

This is an excellent nap time activity and a good way to remain creative and in touch with my intuition when I'm lacking the desire or motivation to paint. I just sit with a stack of magazines and ask "What should I focus on?" or "What do I need?" and cut images and words with no judgement and then glue them on paper in a way that's eye pleasing but also makes sense.

What are some of your every day magics?

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  1. I'm the same way! While I've had formal rituals I am typically low-maintenance and low profile in my spiritual practice. Some of my touches are house plants everywhere, crystals large and small tucked into the corners of our house as well as pride of place, the faint smell of white sage that always lingers, "working" candles that are lit whenever we're home all through the house...It's the little things. Welcome back!


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