Friday, January 29, 2016

A Resurrection

Anyone for take-backsies?

I can't help it, try as I might, I just couldn't get comfortable in my new blog space. I think, most likely, it has to do with it my handing out business cards with the link on it to complete (local) strangers.

Odd as this is, coming from someone who writes honestly and openly about so much of their life to strangers (now friends!) on the internet, it made me feel super weird giving people whom I don't personally know, who might recognize me at the grocery store but never say anything, (or worse - start an argument or something) such an intimate look in to my life.

I'm a ball of contradiction, right? I'm definitely no Amanda Palmer.

So, anyways. I've missed blogging and this space, even though I felt stifled by it a few months back. I'm hoping to pick up with my random mishmash of brain dumping, art splattering, spirit thumping, honest life writing. And hope some of you are still around to converse with me. ;)

Things have been good here. O gets bigger and brighter and more mischievous by the day! Seriously, that boy has the most noticeable twinkle when he's about to get up to no-good. He's running, jumping, climbing, saying words and having almighty tantrums when I stop his shenanigans or don't understand what he's saying.

He keeps me on my toes. And much as I beg, Time refuses to slow down. He changes so much every day.

We parents have found ourselves with small pockets of this elusive creature called "free time" again. And mostly we spend it laying together on the couch watching TV, though we both are still working on projects here and there.

My current one (of like, 25 that I flit between, because squirrel brain) is a deck of oracle cards made with cardstock and found images. I've been jonesing for a new deck and was attempting to make a vision board the other day when the idea popped in to my head. Nothing like using your own intuition to create an intuitive tool, right? And cutting out images is a nice vacation from painting, which is sometimes so wrapped up in emotions that it's taxing.

I've started getting seed catalogs in the mail, and I've been wistfully sighing and dreaming about Spring. We're hoping to build a brand new garden this year, so *fingers crossed*

How have you all been, friends? How's the new year treating you?

P.S. I'll be bringing over the very few posts I wrote over on Wordpress at some point. So, sorry in advance if you see a bunch of things pop up from me. xox


  1. Hi Danni my love, welcome back! Xx

  2. Welcome back! I look forward to seeing your deck. I have been thinking of creating my own as well. So many projects. The new house is taking up all my time though.

  3. yay, just popped over on the off chance and there are new posts and you are back (clapping hands!!). I couldn't get the word press thing to work for me so really pleased that the blog here is back on. :)

  4. Welcome back to blog land! You've been missed! I too am finding I have been missing my random blogging of life and whatever I'm working on. I might just resurrect my former and find a way to merge mine and my website together into 1. ~Karen the craftyfae


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