Monday, November 10, 2014

Moonday Musings: Family and the Zoo

Saturday evening, for the first time since we left New Jersey for the South, my mom's car rolled in to my driveway with my step father, my sister and my niece in tow. And I was so happy to see every one!

We gave them the penny tour of our home, went out to get groceries for dinner, called my brother who lives just down the road and had a great time chatting and laughing. My family was smitten by Orion, Khloe - who is now 3- kept referring to him as her best friend and telling us all how much she loves her best friend. Luna chased everyone around the yard as they stretched their legs after the long trip, my brother was dragged off in to the other room by Khloe to play legos and watch Barbie cartoons and I grossed out my mom and sister by telling them that I ate my placenta after we'd had a conversation about how incredible the human body is. To be fair, my sister brought it up by saying "Did you know you can eat that?" and I said, "Yup, because I did! Not with onions like a liver or anything, but powdered in capsules." Priceless reactions afterwards, lol! Everyone stayed up way later than they probably should have, given how early they'd gotten up, but my brother and his fiance haven't seen the rest of the family in 2 years and everyone wanted to hold my son and it was just good to catch up.

Also, we had "family portrait time" with my entirely uncooperative family. My brother's fiance did her very best to get a good picture, but mom my, brother and sister all HATE having their pictures taken and so, don't ever take them seriously. In the end, that's ok, because this is the one I'm going to print out, hang on my wall and give them all for Yuletide. ;)

Yesterday morning we were all up bright and early and Chris and Katelyn (my brother and fiance) drove over so we could all go to the zoo downtown together. It's a small, but really nice zoo and Katherine (my sister) was ridiculously excited to see the baby giraffe that lives there. It was Orion's first trip to the zoo and it was amazing to see how inquisitive and attentive he was, even while he was riding in the Ergo on dad's chest. (I'm usually the baby wearer, but I've been dealing with a terrible bought of sciatica, so sadly, no snuggles were had by me). This time, folks were *slightly* more cooperative for photos. ;)

The Rogue's Gallery. My sister, Katherine, Brother Chris, Niece Khloe (who took to uncle Chris like you would NOT believe, but due to her obsession with Frozen, calls him "Hans"), Orion, Joe, Me and Chris' fiance, Katelyn. Also, my mom's first time using a DSLR. Not bad mom, not bad at all.

Today, we'll take them downtown to walk Main Street, get some lunch, maybe do some shopping and visit the gorgeous park. They'll be leaving either tomorrow morning or Wednesday, they haven't decided yet. But either way, I wish they were staying longer. It's been nice having everyone here, having several extra hands to help with Orion since my back is fucked up, I don't know when our next trip to NJ will be and there's so much more I'd like to show them.

I'll just have to keep my fingers and toes crossed that they feel up to making the long trip again sometime. :)


  1. I hate my picture being taken too, so I'm sorry, but I can just totally relate :) And I love your brother's look!

    But...what the f*** is wrong with this guy posting before me..? Cray cray.

    1. Gotta love the crazy spammers. Ugh.

      I've gotten used to the photo haters in my family, it's always entertaining for me to see what sort of crazy faces will appear when I check them out later. I never join in the silly face making because I think I look bad when I do. Go figure. ;)


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