Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Summer of Color 2014 Week 3

This year, I'm once again participating in Kristen at Twinkle, Twinkle's Summer of Color blog party. If you're curious about the party, you can check out all the info by clicking the button on my sidebar.

This Week's Color are:

Lavender, Grey and a Splash of Plum.

This week's colors are so elegant and I felt could only be properly represented by a particularly regal monster; a dragon! Really. Grey and purples just cry out for a great scaly beast in my mind. Though, as you can see, this one isn't quite grown up yet. :)


  1. Aah! so cute, I love your bunting idea.

  2. I absolutey love your regal monster - perfect for this week's SOC colors! Your blog posts always make me smile!!!

  3. awww a dragon, how cool! He is very sweet looking ;-)


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