Thursday, June 5, 2014

Recovery for Princess Puppy Face

I picked Luna up this morning from the veterinary hospital after the surgeon called and said she had a great night and was good to go. I was so happy to go get her! Above are photos I snapped right after they brought her in to the room to me. As you can see, she's got some interesting hair patterns going on as well as a snazzy souvenir bandana! The one where she's looking at me was taken right after I scolded her for jumping. It was like she had no clue she had just had a major surgery, probably because her pain killers were still fresh in her system.

Not so much this afternoon.

She's definitely feeling the effects of the surgery now, she's been snoozing on and off for a few hours and recently has started whining when she wakes up. Luckily her next dose of medicine is coming up very soon and the poor thing can get some relief.

As for her recovery period, the full extent of it was discussed this morning and it sounds like it's going to suck balls for both of us. For the next two weeks the only time she is allowed to walk around is to go to the bathroom. No wandering the house or playing, she has to be confined in a room with nothing to jump up on (which will be my studio with me or the baby's nursery which is empty right now), put in an exercise pen or crated. After that it's very short, very infrequent walks the schedule for which we'll go over when they check her incision next week. Then, in 4-6 weeks she goes in for x-rays and a follow up with the surgeon to see how the bone is healing and then another 4-6 weeks of continued restricted activity.

During that 20 or so weeks of time, she's not allowed to run, jump, play (aside from chewing on things) or sleep on the couch or bed.

While I'm overjoyed to have her home and happy that she's on the road to a normal knee this should be, er, interesting. Especially with baby's guess date being 7 weeks away!


  1. I am happy that she got to come home as soon as she did. She looks so happy and excited to see you. And the last photo was so sweet. Isn't that how we all feel and look after we get home post surgery (except for the no chew doggy cone). Happy to be able to sleep in our own little bed, on our own little house, with no strangers waking us up to bother us..

  2. Oh sweet Luna, so glad the surgery went well and that you home again. Be a good doggy and listen to Momma. xoxo Oma Linda

  3. Sweet girl, little Luna Petunia! How will you manage to prevent her from doing all those things? I keep picturing my ex dog(she chose my mother over us when the baby came!) and i would n't be able to keep her still for a second. She is one of those dogs that seem to have a trampoline underneath them!
    I did not know you were pregnant, how did i miss it? Congragulations!!

  4. Oh no, poor thing! I hope you're both doing well. I will be thinking good thoughts :)
    Thank you for your visit and I'm so happy to have you at the SOC. See you Monday, xo


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