Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Purple, Fudge, and Flowers

Thank you everyone for your kind words, crossed fingers and tails for Chico. I'm happy to report that his appetite returned to normal yesterday and we awoke to a strange thing to be excited about, poop in his litter box! Only when pets and children are sick do you get excited about poo, ha ha! He goes back to the vet tomorrow for a re-check and I'm optimistic about it.

Good news after a weekend of worry, cat stalking and a mini stomach bug would be much appreciated!

That all said, the weekend wasn't all bad. Spring seems to have decided she's ready to stick around in my area, the tentative old oaks have begun to bud and unfurl baby leaves. As they are always the last to do so, I take this as the sign that I can safely begin my Springtime planting. So, off to the store I went to pick up flowers to add to the garden this year. When it comes to planting flowers, I'm sort of a lazy daisy gardener who prefers to invest in more perennials than annuals, so I can watch them grow up year after year (and not have to plant so many things!). I did pick out a few show stopper annuals, like big gerbera daisies and dahlias to plant in the pots and a flat of dianthus to fill in the gaps between my perennials and keep the weeds down. We also laid out a very thick layer of new pine mulch to help keep the weeds (and therefore mosquitoes) down around the patio. I don't mind weeds in the yard really, but stay outta my gardens!

They just opened a Cabela's near us, and having never been, I wanted to go check it out. You know, I really had to twist the husband's arm to go to the outdoor store. ;) We walked around looking at all the camping gears, fishing stuff, taxidermy and armory sections. While I was off getting some just made mint chocolate fudge, Joe made friends with this wild boar:

He and some friends have plans to eventually go on a boar hunt so we can have some wild ham and bacon in the freezer, but now that I've seen how big they get (I've never seen a full sized boar living or dead before, I'm completely freaked out by it. After having a swift dose of pork based reality slapped in to my head, we hit the check out where I managed to spend 3x as much as he did. What can I say? Archery and fudge eating are pricey hobbies!

One other thing I did this weekend, is something I've been wanting to do forever but couldn't because I've always worked in corporate environments. And that my friends, is to have some purple hair! Not all of it, mind you, because I *just* cut out the last of my previously damaged by dying hair about a year ago and want to keep it mostly healthy for a while longer. So, for now it's just the bangs. My brother's fiance did it for me the other day as she's far more girly and knowledgeable about these sorts of things than I am and I think she did a great job. Hell, I even liked the bangs post bleach and pre-purple. It's sort of subtle in regular warm household lighting, but really pops in the sun and under fluorescent lights. I've gotten several compliments on it already, mostly from old men. Those guys have got some good taste!

excuse the "selfie face". I'm not good at taking photos of myself where I don't make some sort of face!

Once this fades out, I'm thinking I may go with fuscia or teal. And maybe some bold streaks or something on the underside of my hair where root upkeep won't be such a problem. The rainbow is the limit!

This post is all over the place, a by product of having some major writers block but not wanting to just let my little blog fall by the wayside and collect cobwebs again. I've found that like art, the more you write the easier it is to keep doing it. So, there may be some incredibly random postings here for a bit. And some folks will probably wonder why I'm not writing more about being pregnant and honestly? Not only is being a mommy blogger not even remotely my thing (if it's someone else's great, but it's not for me) but it's honestly not that interesting to write about shopping, doctors visits and my expanding waistline and I'm sort of talked out over it thanks to people offline turning that in to the only thing we converse about now. In this space I can still be Danni the witch, artist, crafter, rambler, wife, friend AND future mom and not just Danni the pregnant. And I want to keep it that way. :)


  1. oh gawds I love your bangs....too fun. Good for you. As far as hunting boar....uh no. I had a childhood friend who got his leg all messed up when one of those nasty buggers came after him. Yikes, it's scares me.
    You are so cute. You are and will always be the anti party line sweetie.....even being preggers.
    I am so happy about Chico. I have cried and lit candles and kept his little picture on my altar even since you said he was ill. Sick cats have been my emotional undoing here at the Casa and Chico had me very worried. So glad he pooped. Yay poop. Oma Linda

  2. Kitty feeling better AND purple bangs - woot!

  3. You've made me want to do something mildly crazy and delicious with my hair!

  4. I love your purple bangs!


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