Monday, April 21, 2014


I'm joining Taryn at Wooly Moss Roots and several other lovely bloggers in honoring the things for which we've been grateful for throughout the week. A quiet, weekly practice of appreciation and positivity. A time to breath and reflect. A small step towards a more simplistic and appreciative outlook.

If you would like to join us, just click the image at the bottom of this post.

This Week I am Grateful For:

* Sunny afternoons spent outside.
* Long warm baths to soak the aches from bones and muscles alike.
* Free iced coffee! (I'm an iced coffee junkie)
* A safe and enjoyable (if quick) trip to NJ to visit friends and family one last time before baby comes this Summer. The trip back felt so much better than the trip up.
* Getting all the baby things tucked away neatly in to the closet. The rest of the future nursery is still a disaster, as it's a holding pen for all the stuff we'll be trying to get rid of at a garage sale next month.
* Canoodling with the husband.
* The yard looking better than it has in 2 years! We've been working really hard to get things in order this season.
* Biting the ears off chocolate rabbits, dying eggs and other Easter shenanigans with Joe.
* Homebrews galore! Every batch Joe's made has turned out delicious. The one I made is still fermenting, but since it came from a super simple kit, I'm sure it'll be just fine. ;)
* Long weekends.
* Forcing myself to not be a hermit and join Joe for a game night at a friend's house. We had a lot of fun, stayed out late and as a bonus, there was cheesecake. :)
* Getting a little bit of painting mojo on. As mentioned in my previous post, my motivation these days is somewhere in the toilet, so every little thing is a victory right now.
* Little successes on the road to not being hard on myself for aforementioned lack of energy and motivation.
* Hitting the 26 week mark! It's both exciting and scary as shit.

To join in Gratitude Sunday, click on the image below! Happy Week, lovelies.

Gratitude Sunday


  1. Great list of things to be thankful for.


  2. You have a wonderful lists of things to be grateful for. Today the only thing I can think of is Uma being home and knowing we dodged the bullet on her bizarre eating habits.


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