Monday, February 3, 2014

A Cacophony of Crows

I wrote last Sunday about how I was lucky enough to catch a large group of crows as they swooped and crowed over my yard before taking up a very brief residency in my treeline. I managed to run inside for my real camera (as opposed to the handy-dandy iphone) and grabbed a few snaps while they perched and when they took off to chase some sparrows.

Nothing quite like that amount of crow-medicine to move this witch's heart. *sigh* I thought I'd share the beauty of the experience. There were about 30 in total in flight; simply breathtaking.

P.S. Thank you those who commented, for the kind and uplifting words on Friday's post. <3 I'll resume sharing the Painting the Feminine series tomorrow. I've been having some issues with my scanner and photos don't capture the details very well.

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  1. I'm always glad to find someone who loves crows too. ^__^
    I love the pics that you snapped of them! <3



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