Friday, January 10, 2014

Painting the Feminine - Radiance

This was the first prompt this week that my head didn't attempt to commandeer right at the get-go. There was no struggle, no sticking... just fun and joy and relaxation as I was painting. When I sat at my desk to paint, with my music playing, my fingers instinctively grabbed yellow and pink and off we went; with big bold strokes and itty bitty little ones.

When hearing the word "Radiance" I immediately responded with "Inner Energies" and "Lightness". And I held those in my heart while I painted; creating a depiction of the inner energetic Feminine we all have inside of us, overflowing in to the outer world to spread our light and our magic. To heal and raise up - naturally and without fear or burden.

This is something I personally struggle with, though I didn't realize it until I really sat down to work with this word and its different meanings to me. There's an age old blockage there that's unconsciously kept me from letting my light shine too brightly and from letting my own energies radiate fearlessly out in to the world. Buried under fears of rejections or being labeled, judged and bullied or being shoved in to that neat tidy box so many people would like others to stay in - to be seen and not heard. To diminish their light and power.

And this woman, dancing and letting her light and energies flow freely, helped me to realize that. And have helped me to continue to chip away at the life-long wall of fear.

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