Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Painting the Feminine - Cycles

Getting to know our personal cycles is invaluable - it will tune us deeply in to ourselves and our intuition, help us understand why we function better or worse at times and helps us to be gentle and kind to ourselves. Our cycles don't always coincide with those of nature either, but rather are uniquely our own.

As women, we have so many cycles we can attune to; the cycles of nature, the cycles of the moon, our menstrual cycle, the cycle that takes us from maiden to mother to crone. Tuning in to these different cycles is about balance; keeping the seasons, energies, etc in balance and honoring each one appropriately.

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  1. ~so very true...each is our own...our rhythm in life...tis a blessing when we can adjust ourselves and our ways as our cycles ebb and flow...sometimes a frustrating burden it feels but I always remind myself to be thankful for such...a wonderful page above...much love light and blessings~


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