Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Home of the Heartroot

For those whose readers were just bombarded with updates, my apologies! The influx of posts is a result of my deciding that I really don't like keeping up two blogs and have decided to merge them and house all of my thoughts and artwork here in my cozy cottage home.

This isn't a decision that I made lightly; for over a month now I've been busily over-thinking and worrying about things like branding and marketing for my art shop, Heartroot Studio. I even pondered combining the blogs and changing the name of The Whimsical Cottage to mirror the name of my studio. But it didn't feel right, just like writing two independent blogs has never felt right.

You see, I've never enjoyed writing over at the Heartroot blog. Every time I sat down to write, I felt like I needed to keep things clipped, concise, professional... sterile. When I wanted to simply write a quick 'Ta-Da! Here's a new piece of art!' post, I felt fine. But with more meaningful pieces, where the process was emotional or taught me something, I'd find myself writing this huge blog post and then wondering if I should cut out all of the emotional elements and just show off some pictures. That feeling of needing to edit and constrain my writing has never sat well with me and rather than wrestle with it, I simply chose not to write.

Which is a shame, for me anyway, because I enjoy writing about and sharing my artwork, just as I enjoy writing about my spirituality, day to day happenings, craftiness, trips and blog parties. So the question became; why was I compartmentalizing my passions? Especially when it made me feel so unenthused and untrue to myself.

So from now on, all of my artwork and ramblings about it, will be housed here in my much beloved Whimsical Cottage. Just like they used to be and should always have been. Because at the end of the day, it's so much more important to be true to yourself than a marketing strategy.


  1. I know what you mean about being torn in respect to keeping your professional and spiritual lives separate. That's what I've been doing, and recently the two separate worlds have begun to merge. Our True Selves don't like being chopped up and fit into compartments scattered all over the place. Some people work well that way, but I can't see you being happy that way. Nor am I. Glad you are feeling good about the decision to integrate your business self and spiritual self. Bright Blessings!

  2. Ha! No, I'm not hysterical, I'm just laughing because I had to write this same post a few weeks ago, remember? When I merged my writing blog and Pagan Culture. I'm glad I did, it felt refreshing and wholesome, I bet it'll be the same for you.

    I'm working on relabeling now...


  3. Compartmentalizing is for computers not for humans. I love hearing about how everything mingles together. Keep this shit up, you're fabulous!


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