Monday, August 5, 2013


The past week was a rough one and I had a hard time keeping my chin up despite all the stuff that was hurled my way; issues with my sister and one of my closest friends, watching trust issues destroy ties between mutual friends, a lingering sinus infection that refused to leave and my first ever art troll who made a point to email me and tell me that 'you over charge for 'so called art' that people are better off wiping their ass with than hanging up.', anonymously, of course.

Perspective is a tricky thing to hold on to, sometimes. So this week especially, this exercise in gratitude is important. Will it solve all of my ailments, mend friendships and magic the last week out of existence? Much as I wish it were so, no. But it helps to remember that even when everything seems to be going to shit, there are still things to be grateful for.

This Week I am Grateful For:

* Being able to rescue the wee bee above from being squished after his wings became wet in the rain. He let me pick him up and move him off the concrete and in to a safe plant with no stinging, biting or fuss at all.

* Hubby bringing me soup and tea and doing a great job of taking care of me while I was sick.

* Uninterrupted Sleep.

* Clear, starry nights.

* Chats with friends and all the support they give me when I need it.

* Fresh made cascarilla powder and red brick dust.

* Lughnasadh and all the wonderful feelings that came along with celebrating it.

* Evening meanderings.

* Sam Adams Octoberfest is back, so I can now officially begin my Autumn decorating with no one being able to bat an eye. Also, It's extra tasty this year. Or at least, it seems that way. Could just be that it's been months since I last had it. ;)

To join in Gratitude Sunday, click on the image below! Happy Week, lovelies.

Gratitude Sunday


  1. So Anon. reared their fog-shrouded head & for what? To 'protect' others from 'so-called art', or to unintentionally admit their jealousy in not being capable of such creativity? Feh...Hope you're feeling better!

  2. It's so cool to see how much you appreciate the hubster. He takes good care of ya, that's love right there. Hugs sister girl.

  3. Oh my Gods, Danni. I hope the art troll breaks their little toe. What an ugly thing to send to you...with absolutely no purpose. How sad must their life be that they need to try to bring another person down in order to feel good about themselves? And they probably have a small pee pee too. Jerk. As you know, your art is beautiful. It is full of magic, and each piece is so vibrant and full of life that it seems like a living breathing creature. I hope the starry skies cleared away the sting of their words and the love that Hubby has you wrapped in will heal the ache of self doubt that tries to sneak into all artists. Anonymous Art Troll can go suck on a Habanero.

  4. Someone like that troll has such a sad, pathetic, life that they have nothing better to do than send insults to random strangers. I'm sure they are living a lonely, miserable existence because no one wants a person like that around.

    I'm glad that you have found plenty of things to be grateful for. This last two weeks has been an ass-kicker. Some strange energy/planetary messiness in the air. I'm SO happy it's August! I'm ready to decorate for autumn too!

  5. Hi Danni: I follow your blog sporadically, but I still follow it. I just want to say that I'm sorry to hear you're having troll problems. I agree with your other friends that the motive for an ugly remark like that can't be anything but jealousy. Unfortunately, some people have no way of building themselves up except by tearing others down. I would say they aren't fooling anyone but themselves, but I don't believe they really fool themselves either. Deep down, they know what they are doing, and it only makes them hate themselves more than they do already. So it's kind of a vicious circle.


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