Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Right Here, Right Now

Sitting at the kitchen table right now, watching the storm clouds roll in and sipping a tall glass of ice water. Just breathing, tasting the remnants of garlic from my lunch on my tongue. Luna is curled up around the lone foot on the floor, snoozing, as my other foot perches on the chair rung. A bad habit that leads to often achy knees.

The leaves have taken on that green that's ever so slightly too bright and the first thunderclap sounds before the heavens open up and the rain commences. A furry carpenter bee bumbles up on to my window ledge to get out of the water, the eve of the house keeps his wings dry. The pounding of the rain on the rooftop mingled with the howling wind and thunder wakes Luna who proceeds to bark at the window; protecting her home from the mean spirited weather.

It's silent in the house as I close the windows, dark too. I notice my head isn't running in the circles of 1,000 thoughts a minute; the would have, should have, could have, must do, want to, need to of day to day life rolled up and fighting with ambitions, dreams and memories. I take a moment to just savor the sound of the rain, the color of the sky, the stillness of the house.

This must be what being right here, right now, in the present is. If so, I hope these moments find their way in to my life more often to pull me back from the knife edge of hustle and bustle living and wrap me up in the soft, cozy embrace of slow present contentment.

Then again, I've always loved a good rain storm.


  1. It must be a Jersey Girl thing with the foot on the chair. I sit at the dinner table with one foot under me and the other spread eagle onto the chair next to me. I'm fucking classy.

    Also, I have been having those same moments where my mind is so still and quiet I want to live there forever.

    I wonder if it's the happiness project you are doing and my simples pleasures project I am doing? Puts shit in perspective ya know?

  2. A good thunderstorm is magic that stirs and cleanses the soul. I try to enjoy one whenever I can. We've been having moody weather these days. I've done a lot of window watching... maybe too much, but I like it ;-)

    I hope you get all the moments you want.

  3. I just loved this post. You just took me right there with you!

  4. I need some of these moments right now. I think I have too much up in the air. Thank you for sharing yours. It took me there for a moment. :)


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