Friday, March 15, 2013

Alice in Ozland

Welcome fellow Celebrants to my wee contribution to Celebrate Oz 2013: Altered Oz hosted by my favorite Oma, Linda in New Mexico! 

When the challenge first came up, I thought to myself, how can I alter a story or characters I already love so very much and possibly make them any better? So I pondered and sketched and scratched my head thinking. An idea finally popped in to my head but the first few attempts to convey it were complete busts! After nearly giving up hope and worried I'd have to gracefully bow out once more this year (and not even due to extenuating circumstances, just my brain being all moosh!) I sat down at my kitchen table to give my idea one last try. And after a few hours of sketching and coloring, it's finally done!

Here is the sneak peek I shared earlier today. As you can see, I was a wee bit possessed by Elphaba herself: my fingers had gone green!

And now, it is with Great pleasure that I introduce you to the most wicked of all Ozian witches. You see, we all know the story of Unfortunate East and her lovely sister West, but what you don't know is that before she was unceremoniously melted away, West had taking a shining to another world traveling fanciful girl and took her as her apprentice. And so, once she was gone a distractingly cutesy Wicked took her place. And her first order of business was to tweak the Flying monkeys a bit!

Who is this most Wicked of Witches? 

None other than Alice herself! After she left Wonderland again she continued her travels and ended up in Oz, where she lived Wickedly ever after! ;-)

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