Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday and A Challenge

I'm about 26 hours in to my time with The Lady. I've been studying my trusty anatomy books and have added a circulatory system that still needs a bit of work. To shade or to make that nonsense glow? I'm not sure. I also reconstructed her jaw - the sharp pointy chin she had initially bothered me and I was a bit nervous about going in and broadening it. Not because of the shape, but all that shading was going to be lost and I'd have to blend it back in naturally.

I'm pleased to say that it went better than expected. Take that self doubt! Hah!

I'm honestly not sure how she'll progress from here or where we'll go together. There are so many of my emotions wrapped up in her, so many aspects of myself layed bare across the page... which isn't what I had intended but it happened.

And as if she wasn't absorbing enough of my time, another lady started buzzing around my brain yesterday morning demanding I put her to paper right now! She's a bubbly, energetic little thing and is being painted while I listen to vastly different music than her sister-in-painting. She's also an oddball size at 18" x 48".


I'm also starting a challenge (better late than never!), over at Ayala Art. It's time for 29 faces again and while I'm a few days late, I have no doubt I can catch up pretty quickly. I don't know if I'll post a face a day, a face every few days or what-have-you especially with my 30th birthday approaching this weekend and all the plans I've made for that but I can't resist a good art challenge! If you'd like to sign up, just click the image in my sidebar.

My first face of the challenge will, of course, be The Lady's. I am beyond pleased with how it's coming along and her eyes are the best I've done to date:


  1. Beautyfull face, I really like how the odd face colors work out. Enjoy the challenge!

  2. This subtle expression is so charged with emotion. I love it. Great work!

  3. Lovely art! I will be back :)

  4. I love these faces! Beautiful!

  5. Absolutely GORGEOUS work! I can see the time you put into it - and the emotions just make it that much more dynamic :)
    LOVING the glow - the yellow - and all the colors. Very inspirational, thank you!
    Kristin xo


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