Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Surfers and Sketches

On Sunday, I turned the big 3-0. To celebrate, not only did my friends and I get together for the best birthday party I've ever had (complete with my best friend of the past 26 years flying down from NJ to surprise me!) but the hubster and I went to the beach.

Yup, in February. Because it's warm as hell down here!

In between walking the beach in search of shells, getting soaked to the bone in the rain, sticking my toes in the fabulously chilly water and napping to the sounds of sea birds and waves I broke out my trusty moleskine to do some quick sketching.

Folly Beach is one of the best surf spots in South Carolina, which I was unaware of until we got there. So there were constantly surfers in the water, bobbing about waiting for the next wave to catch them. I loved watching them and doing some quick figure sketches of them! I've never seen so many of them in one place, especially on a rainy day. And let me tell you, this morning when we woke up it was pouring with a vengeance! But there they were, sitting on their boards looking like they were having a great time.

Also, there's face #2 for my 29 faces challenge: a quick sketch of myself that I'm none too pleased about as my proportions are way off. My face is a bit smooshed and it really doesn't look much like me at all but, that happens. There's always next time! I have a few more faces to share and will do so in my next post.

This little trip away from home, with the surf and the sand and the rain was exactly what I needed to clear my head and get in some much needed relaxation. It was the perfect way to slip into this new decade of my life.


  1. Sounds amazing Danni. What an awesome way to ring in your dirty thirties. I am also one of those freaks that prefers the beach "off season". That heat can suck it.

  2. Folly Beach is where we took the kids when we they lived in SC. So pretty in the fall, but I like the vibe in the winter from your pix too. Such a nice way to celebrate and restore your watery essence Ms. Pisces. Again, Happy Happiest, Oma Linda


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