Monday, February 18, 2013

Faces 10 -18

What was that I said in my last post about not wanting to share more than 5 or 6 faces at a time? Ah well, let's just chuck that notion straight out the window because I'd like to share what I've done up to this point so I don't get even more behind with the challenge.

This time, I worked less in my moleskine and more in my mixed media book and used a few different techniques, styles and mediums. Also, I'm pleased to say I've worked on quite a few male faces this week too! Some of them even look less like ladies - it's the little accomplishments, really.

I've really enjoyed playing around with all these different personalities and faces and hope you enjoy them:

This guy is just a quick anatomical sketch in the Moleskine. Just your run of the mill cheap-o ballpoint pen - aka, my favorite thing to use in my Moleskine. ;-) I'm trying to get more familiar and comfortable with the musculature of the human body so I can use it to help the figures in my paintings to flow a bit more naturally.

This is my interpretation of Rincewind from the magical land of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Rincewind is my favorite Wizzard and one of my favorite people riding around on Great A'tuin's back! He's cringing at the inevitable horrible thing that is lurking just around the corner as he prepares to use his super skills of running away once again! I decided to make his eyes my own interpretation of the color of magic: Octarine - a sort of greenish, purple, orangish color.

Just a little two color painting of some lovers. I suppose Valentine's Day went to my head a bit. These two were done up in watered down acrylics.

Went for quick and vibrant here. I think I succeeded!

A little Zetti-Inspired lady sketched in pencils and inked with markers. Markers are by far my least favorite medium. Ick.

A profile of a young man - he came from my head, not true life and I didn't use any references for him. I'm pretty pleased with his jaw line and the fact that I didn't make him more manly with a beard - my typical go-to cop-out response to attempting to draw more masculine men. He's done in mechanical pencil.

Everyone's favorite Gorgon, Medusa! This one was originally going to be just a quick sketch with a few touches of shading here and there. As you can see, she had other plans for me and soaked up a lot more time than I had originally anticipated. She too, was done entirely with a mechanical pencil.

I'm counting this grouping as two faces, per the different colored splatter on them. Not really sure where that came from, but as I doodled the faces on to the page, I felt they needed it. These folks were done with colored pencils.


  1. I am in looooooove with your faces... <3

  2. I, of course, am drawn to Medusa. The last one....well, you know.

  3. love all the different styles and materials you used! Great work!


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