Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blog Focus and The Art of Distraction

Or... how I bought an Iphone, downloaded Instagram and have been taking a boatload of pictures. Some of which I'll share here shortly.

But first, a wee, quick update. Things are still sort of puttering along around here, my art muse is still prodding me and I'm drawing and painting fairly regularly, My writing mojo is still hiding in a closet somewhere and the blog continues to collect cobwebs. Autumn is coming though, and as is always the case as the wheel of the year turns into darkness, I can feel the fires in me re-igniting - my urge to write being among them. That being said though, I also sort of feel like this bit of writing malaise has been brought on by feeling like I don't have anything 'important' or 'exciting' or 'deep' or whatever to write about, sort of like I lost focus on why I started this blog in the first place.

Which is to say, I sort of lost sight of the fact that I began this for myself as well as anyone who cared to pop by and read a myriad of things. Over the past few months, unknown to many of you because I've not written about it, I've gotten some emails from pagans wanting advice that I feel unqualified to give, people wanting love spells or hexes, hippies who feel I'm not 'hippie enough', artists who ask why I don't have a blog solely for art and even fellow bookworms who don't understand why a witch reviews books. And you know what? Those all sort of got to me and made me wonder if maybe I should write three or four different specialty blogs so everyone knew what they were going to get right from the get go, as opposed to the jumbled hodge-podge that I present here.

But you know what? Fuck all that noise. If I don't have different rooms of my physical home divided up to house each individual aspect of my personality, then why the hell would I do that with my virtual one? And so, I'm just going to keep on doing what I do and write what pops into my head when it does so, with no concern about segues or themes. I'm a pagan, a witch, an artist, a nature nerd, a dabbler in multiple crafts, a bookworm, a hippie (who doesn't smoke the wacky weed... sorry fellow hippies), an ale lover, an animal friend, a picture snapper, a bleeding heart and so much more. And if you're looking for something more specific, then there are plenty of other very good blogs you can read. I'll give you suggestions if you like!

So, now that I've gotten that bit of ranting business out of the are some of those aforementioned Instagram photos (if you're on there and want to follow me, I'm under ArtfulDanni):

Puppy Love. My Luna's gotten SO big! She's 14 pounds now and has lost nearly all of her baby teeth.

Anyone else use photos as bookmarks? This is one of my favorite snaps from my last day in NJ, a polaroid of the Casino in Asbury Park.

Prepping the garden for Autumn planting, tearing out the dead and demolished plants that have run their course or been murdered by bugs. Cutting back that jungle of beans in the foreground. You can see Luna helping me in the back.

Chico at the vet. He's started that thing where he pees all over the place again! Here's hoping the antibiotics clear up his issues and he stops that before I have to tear up all of the carpets in my house, as opposed to the few feet we've already had to get rid of.


  1. Glad to see a post from you my dear....I'm in the same boat....not much to say but oh well. Someday soon. Oma Linda

  2. Hi Danni, your blog is YOUR blog;;;you write about what you want, let the other folks go some place else. If I was only able to write about one thing all the time, phew what a drag! Do your thing.
    Great photos, your Luna is so sweet. Hope Chico is better soon, I feel your pain.

  3. My cat is sick too and peeing EVERYWHERE! He has bladder stones...again. Unfortunately we are renters and I can't just tear up the carpet. I am doing everything to get it cleaned. Our house smells awful. I'm so incredibly embarrassed. I keep a very, very, VERY clean house that always smells wonderful. Well, not right now! Its depressing. He's been doing this for over a month now. Still no changes despite some $600 in vet bills to "fix" the problem. I hope he stops soon so I can get someone out here to professionally clean the carpets. Using our carpet cleaner just didn't work. I hope your peeing problems clear up sooner than ours and that he doesn't ruin your carpet!

    1. Oh man, do I understand. I'm the same way with my housekeeping and much as I love my cat, right now I'd like to put him in his own little room until this stops because I cannot handle the smell of cat pee. But, I won't. Because that would be a horribly mean thing for me to do. Chico seems to have this problem at least once a year, he never has stones and his urine tests always come back and say 'well he *might* have a bladder/urinary tract infection, but nothing's conclusive. It goes on for a month or two, I buy gallons upon gallons of Nature's Miracle and Feliway (to keep our other cat from starting to pee too) and then mysteriously clears up.

      I love Chico, who my dad found as a teeny tiny baby kitten in the snow and bottle fed until he was old enough to live with us, but if I said that I didn't yell at him about how I'm going to throw him outside I'd be a liar. It's frustrating.

  4. I love your blog and as you put it the hodge podge of mixed ideas. The main thing is it's your blog so just do what you feel happy and follow your own instincts.

    You can never please everyone. You got remarks telling you to have separate blogs for different topics and I've had remarks telling me to put all mine in to one. I did try but my brain just didn't like it so I reverted back to different blogs for different topics, though there is a lot of overlap. We are all individuals who work in different ways, life would be boring if we all did the same things in the same way. Trying to conform to what others want us to be does not lead to happiness.

    Love the photos.

    J x

  5. Well, having 5 blogs under my belt - only one having survived - I'm smokin' what you're rollin'. I actually had a post twirling around my crazy head about how each of my blogs started out with a "theme" then turned to mish mash and how I always contemplated just writing about the specific crap on each "themed" blog. I actually had 2 going at once one time. My Pagan blog and my Weight Loss blog. I quickly realized that my Weight Loss is a part of me and to compartmentalize was just making my shit bleed into the other blog. I also realized that on my Pagan blog I wasn't just talking about Pagan stuff (spells, The Wheel, Prayers, etc.) I was talking about my life and crazy family. Then I closed those down and decided to open one about my boring life/crazy family without much about Paganism. Again, I'm fucking Pagan, it worked its way into the blog.

    I guess what I'm saying is, for me anyway, all of these aspects of me cannot be contained because they make They are interwoven like a spider web and to peel them apart doesn't explain the entire situation.

    To sum it up. Fuck those naysayer bitches.

    Also, love your Asbury Park pic. My favorite beach. Was just there.

  6. Oh yeah, welcome to the world that is iPhone. It is the anti-christ. I actually deleted my Facebook account because my phone made it entirely too easy to go on there and fuck around with assholes I could give a shit about anyway. Since I deleted that the only thing I use it for is texting, email, talking and a couple of apps. I honestly fucking hate texting too. I really am a goddamn curmudgeon.

    1. I know myself too well to put any of those time-suck apps on my phone. I'd end up poking my screen for hours and not getting anything done - ever. And then end up in a deep hole of self loathing for wasting my entire day poking at a screen. It's just safer if my phone is more or less, just a phone, with maybe a snazzy camera and an app or two.

      I've gotta give you props for deleting your FB, I've wanted to a few times, but I like keeping up with local events that way. It's how I get so much free booze. :-P I have however, because I'm sort of a bitch, put a lot *A LOT* of statuses, types of statuses and entire people on my hide list. And I'm not adding anyone new, unless we're already fairly good friends - I don't need to follow 200 people. Ain't nobody got time for that!

    2. In my decision to delete Facebook I so deleted a shit ton of Time sucking apps on my phone. Now it's just weather, news and some other stuff I like to look at when I don't feel like sitting down at my computer. I have to say though, one of my favorite apps is Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose by Sonia Choquette. It's an oracle card deck. I love the cards but they are out of print and I couldn't buy them so I got the app. It's $6.99, the most I've ever pain for an app, but I love it.

  7. Ugh, I'm also struggling with the writng malaise and feeling uninspired to write or create anything lately on my blog. Where did the notion come up that we have to please other's on our blog with different hats? I know some people who do different specialty blogs really well, but I struggle with it, even though I've thought about creating one a few times. In the end, I just can't be bothered. LOVE all the photos, Danni! Now people will want a photo blog from you ; ) Can't wait for the Fall to be here.

  8. Congratulations Danni! You are the winner of the Back to School Touch the Moon giveaway at!

  9. Love this post and I agree with you about keeping your blog just YOU! I've always loved your blog! I have also nominated you for 3 blog awards :)

  10. I'm so happy to follow you on Instagram! I am addicted to this app because it's drama free as compared to Facebook, and I love getting snapshots into people's lives (I'm a bit of a voyeur in non-stalker way...promise!). I'm "calhoonas" so you'll probably be seeing lots of me 'round those parts!

    Also; I'm glad you're keeping everything from art to stream of consciousness on your blog! I love your style and all the aspects of your personality that are reflected here. Blog on Sistah! :o)


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