Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Summer of Color - Baseball Nut

Those who follow here regularly or are friends of mine elsewhere on this magical interwebs know that I've had a stressful week. It's felt like an eternity wrapped up in just a few shorts days and I'd be lying if I said I was displeased to see the backside of it. (if you missed my update on my niece, please see my previous post here.)

While I was happy to see my family for the brief time I spent in NJ, I wish it had been under better circumstances and that I didn't now feel like my little world has gone cock-eyed in my absence. In an attempt to get it back on keel I broke open my sketchbook and worked on a face for the summer of color. The ice cream flavor? Baseball Nut. I call this freckled lady Ginger Bee.

She's done up in micron pen and prismacolor pencils. Honestly, I liked her better when she was just a pencil sketch, before I added color. I don't really like the look of the cartoonish lines when I draw faces, so I'm not really sure why I did that. I suppose this is what sketching is for though; to practice and find out what does and doesn't work for us.


  1. I think the colours work beautifully - she's perfect for this week's SOC flavour :o) She's kinda sassy too and I like that!

    See you next week at SOC!

  2. I love the mischief in her eyes

  3. Love her freckles and the expression on her face!

  4. I am just getting caught up on blogs but I did know what was going on with your niece, as you know, through Facebook. It is the scariest thing in the world when something wrong happens to a baby. The waiting, the panic, the pain, the feelings of helplessness, it's unbearable. I am happy to hear she is physically better. I have heard of this happening, but that doesn't make it any easier during the situation. Take care of yourself and get some much needed rest.

  5. great job with the color scheme this week! thanks for your visit to my blog too!

  6. Well I think Ginger Bee is gorgeous! I wish I could draw that well. xoxo


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