Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - Felted Goblin

For no reason whatsoever, aside from discovering an acorn cap and some really pretty green merino roving in my closet, I decided to give needle felting a goblin over an armature a try.

I've been working on this gal for 6 hours now and have just started to green her up. I used some undyed wool for the core because I'm cheap like that and making something nice and tight requires a lot of wool.

Free standing! Woo!

Yes she has a bald patch, she'll be getting hair though, so no worries.

Yikes! She sure is scary looking in those photos. I promise that in person, she's much less frightful. I've sculpted my first ever 3 dimensional nose along with some cheeks, eye sockets and eyeballs and while everything is getting very close to rock hard, I don't feel there's enough contrast to make the features pop. (Hence why the eyes look sort of terrifying.) I may go back and add some bits of brown or grey roving to create deeper shadows in some areas, we'll see.

Let me just say, that having only done this much of my teeny 3.5" doll I have a profound respect for felters who work in a much larger or more intricate scale, I don't know that I have that sort of patience or dedication in me!


  1. Don't worry Danni, every one start with white and then add up. It's really the way to go :)
    It looks very good so far, I can't wait to see her finished!

  2. You are doing a great job. I have so much respect for the art of felting....but I have found that my patience level is like wayyyyyyyyy low for doing the poking, poking, poking it takes.
    I can hardly wait to see your goblin.
    Oma Linda

  3. Needle felting can be soooo slow going! She is coming along great, though! I can't wait to see how she turns out. I've needle felted a few things. My kids love needle felted balls. Sometimes I add little facial features and hair to the balls. It's silly but keeps them amused ;) I have yet to try armature or sculpted details, though.

  4. She is looking great already! Can't wait to see her all done up. I needle felt as well, and felting around an object is TORTURE lol (I add crystals inside of my pocket goddesses). How did you get her to free stand so easily? That's a problem I'm having with some of my humanoid figures.

    1. Honestly? I have no idea! The armature I made ended up being shorter than I would have liked, so it ends halfway between her knee and ankle, so I can't give credit to that. I just felted the feet until they were extremely dense and then kept needling the heel up into the leg to make a very strong ankle. I kept trying to stand her and looked at the bottom of her feet for any gaps and added more felt where I needed to.

      It stills takes a good minute or two for me to position her in such a way that she'll stand on her own, but for a first go I'm really happy with my accidental standing!

  5. She's going to be beautiful as goblins go. Can't wait to see her finished!

  6. You have such imagination! I can arrange the shit out of stuff, but I can't make it. For that I am envious. Keep on creating girl, love it!

  7. I have no clue as to how to even begin felting, so I think you are amazing just for doing this. That aside- I don't think she's creepy looking at all! I love her earthy colors and she seems kind of old to me, in a very wise sort of way. I can't wait to see her finished!


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