Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Blessings

My wee tomato seeds are lying in eggshells and like an expectant momma I cluck and fuss over them while they sit in the windowsill.

On this beautiful Spring morning, I find that I don't have time for much more than a shower and some coffee and a book in the early sunlight before I have to head off to work. Which makes me a wee bit sad, but I know that once I'm home I'll have plenty of daylight left with which to get outside and do my annual Equinox seed planting.

The heads from two of last years Equinox flowers have waited through the Winter for this day and I will be planting their seeds this evening. With each seed will go a wish for something that I wish to grow within myself and my life this season, along with a blessing for good growth and many, many seeds. There's something so magical about keeping the annual planting alive through saving seeds.

While I typically don't create an indoor altar for the Spring, preferring to just get outside and get my hands dirty, this year I felt moved to do so. The seeds that I put on the altar at Imbolc rest there, waiting patiently for us to finish preparing the vegetable beds so we can sow them. The tools for planting and pruning wait to be cleansed and blessed for the season.

Earth and Sun who lend their strength and blessing to the growing things are represented in the bird candle holders and one of the Spring tulips who seemingly bloomed over night is offered up in thanks for the beauty of this season. Milk and honey will find their way to the altar to join the herbs this evening.

May all the seeds you plant this Equinox flourish and grow beyond your expectations and may you be truly touched by the renewing energy of this season. Happy, Happy Spring!


  1. What beautiful rituals you have, Danni, both indoors and outdoors. Because I have to sell my house, it's a bit more difficult for me to plant anything, but I can buy a nice bouquet of flowers and wish for new and beautiful beginnings. Happy Ostara :)

  2. a very blessed and happy spring to you and yours. I did those little egg shell pots one year. So cute and you can just crack them a tiny bit and plant them into bigger pots or the ground. It was a lot of fun.

    Hope you all have a beautiful Equinox,
    Your herbs make me wish I had a gorgeous clump of them in the house right now, too. The scent must be wonderful.

  3. Happy Spring to you and yours Danni!

  4. Blessed Ostara, Danni to you and Joe! Your altar is very enchanting, I love that you put your garden tools there! Thank you for the lovely words in this post. Happy Spring, and have fun with your garden!! Hugs!

  5. Ms. Danni:

    As always you have blessed me with your lovely spirit and hope. I love your altar and add my blessings to your garden and the growth all around you and Joe.

    XOXO Oma LInda

  6. Happy spring to you!
    Happy autumn to me!

  7. Happy & Blessed Spring Equinox! Evidently great minds think alike; I have my seeds & gardening tools on my Spring Equinox altar this year, too. May all that you plant grow strong & flourish!

  8. I hope your Ostara was everything you wanted it to be. Happy Spring!!

  9. Blessed Ostara :) your altar looks beautiful and very fitting witht the garden tools and seed. just love those little bird candle holders too. May you veg garden spring forth and with the help of the growing light they grow and flourish to nourish you later x x x blessed be

  10. Happy Ostara! Your altar is beautiful & I love that you're planting seeds in egg shells. ^-^ I'll have to give that a try... we eat lots of eggs, and I would love to have something to do with the shells! =D
    Hope your day at work went well. I, too, think it's really wonderful to plant seeds from last year's harvest. This will be my first year doing so, and I can't wait. ^-^
    Hugs to you & the Mister & the kitties.


  11. I love the idea of keeping your seeds on the altar until they are ready to be planted. I'd need a side-table for all my veggie seeds - lol!


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