Friday, January 6, 2012

The Greatest Gift I've Received

Beneath my tree this year, were a variety of wonderful, thoughtful gifts from a wonderful hairy man, who likes to joke about and (to some extent) has a hard time shopping for me. Among my plethora of gifts was a hand carved wooden elephant and turtle from his trip to the Dominican Republic, beautiful wool fingerless gloves/mittens, tasty treats, the brand new set of tavern mouselings from Reaper Miniatures and a gorgeous deck of playing cards from the Ukraine (from whence my paternal grandfather came).

And while these gifts are all wonderful and thoughtful the greatest gifts I received were the ones he was most nervous about giving me. The first, a large box filled to bursting with shredded paper held a partial doe skull (he was nervous that I would be upset that she was jaw-less, I was not.) and a wild card, a complete (and beautiful) badger skull:

He was, again, a bit nervous about this one because he had no reason for choosing a badger, he just did. He felt better when I unwrapped it, squealed in delight and proceeded to go badger, badger, badger at it. What can I say? Sometimes I'm a silly witch. I've never worked with badger before, but this little fellow sent massive voltage up my arm and makes me tingle (in a not unpleasant way) when I hold it so I'll be looking further into the medicine of Badger. I'll post more on this wee skull and the critter inside in the future.

The gift he was most nervous about, and in fact even warned me that it was lame, was the final gift he presented me on Christmas morning. I unwrapped it with my newly mitted hands and was a wee bit confused at first, as it was a box made from corrugated cardboard and duct tape. But then I saw there was a note inside and proceeded to read:

I wanted to get you a very special present but I had some difficulties because it is so personal. So let me tell you what it is not... --->

I picked up the note and behind it, was a second note and this:

It is not a whimsical broom. --->

I picked up the second note:

It is not a fancy knife. --->

I picked up the third note to reveal the final one:
But it could be. It could be whatever you want it to be, just point it out when you find it. This is a promise, not a gift card.

I burst into tears and wrapped my arms around this man who loves every single aspect of me, accepts it all and actually encourages me to be who and what I am. Never before have I had a gift move me to tears. The wee broom that he made with fallen birch branch and twine that he unwound to make the head is sitting on my altar, a beautiful tool for cleansing my space or my head. The knife, while not sharp, is in my cabinet awaiting a use. It turns out, that the gift he thought was the lamest, was actually the best - and one of the best ever. A reminder that no matter what others may say or do, there will always be one bright, shining star of acceptance in my horizons. And that, is the greatest gift I could ever ask to receive.


  1. Some most awesome gifts he has given you. :0) You definitely have a "Keeper" of a Hubby!!

  2. Beautiful story about beautiful gifts and a wonderful man! your relationship is truly great. Love this post!!!

  3. reading your story brought me to tears of happiness for you and the wonderful man that loves you that much, reminds me of my own wonderful husband to be, they are to be cherished as much as the gifts they give.

  4. What a lovely, lovely, lovely gentleman you have! Such a sweety!

  5. ~oooohhh...what a heart your love has...there is NOTHING...NOTHING...greater than a gift from the heart...a gift they created with their own thoughts and hands...i love these pieces danni and i know you will forever cherish love presented me with a similar wrapped in tissue paper and a hand made tag...upon opening it was a make shift box and i kept wondering what in the world was i opened...he had made me a heart cairn...i too just as you was moved to tears...priceless are the gifts from the be my dear are loved just as you are...thank you for sharing these unique and beautiful bits with us...much love light and blessings shining brightly upon you and yours~

  6. Someone who loves and accepts the essence of you is the most precious love of all. You and Joe are darling for with and about each other. What a joyful post. Thanks for sharing a beautiful moment in time with us. Oma Linda

  7. Isn't it funny how sometimes it's the ones they feel are the most trivial that mean the most. Tell him they are beautiful. :)

  8. not going to lie, I cried! What a wonderful thoughtful man you have Dani!
    Blessings to both of you!!!


  9. True love for both you and hairy man…I loved all the gifts you recieved and I lately have been working with Badger (very good for boundaries!). I'm so happy you found each other as you're obviously soul mates, Danni...

  10. what a simply wonderful gift with such thought put into it... The badger is gorgeous.. but I can not wait to see what the special something is that catches your eye...

  11. That boy loves you! Great post...thanks for sharing! :O)

  12. How loving and thoughtful! Truly your greatest gift is this man who "gets" you. Happy 2012!

  13. Aaaawwww.....That is one of the sweetest things I have ever read!

  14. No doubt, you have a very sweet man.

    But I would like to see the Ukrainian playing cards, and what on earth are "Tavern Mouselings"?

  15. How utterly lovely, lucky lady! Blessings X

  16. awesome!! BUT you had me going...I thought you were going to say an engagement ring, or that you were pregnant!! LOL I bow to him in his cleverness in the gift giving department, I would have to say he is getting inspiration from somewhere, hmmm wonder where, :)??!!!!!!!

    Hubs is in large part Ukrainian, I'd love to see pics of the cards!

    I am curious as to what you use the skulls for, and where one would be able to purchase such treasures?!

    Many blessings to you and Hairy man!!
    (my hubs is kind of hairy or I should say he was, it is thinning now with age, but our son certainly inherited it, LOL)
    Much love n light,


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