Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finding the Yule Tree

Strapped for time and in no mood to make the 1+ hour drive to North Carolina to cut my tree down myself, we visited a local family-owned tree stand to search for our first live Yule tree this past weekend. When we moved in together, I made up a silly rule that we couldn't have a real tree until we found Home. Now that we've done that, I was excited to go find our frasier fir!

Ignore the eye-bags of exhaustion, please.

Success! He's up and decorated, I just need to borrow a camera to snap some photos since the wee point and shoot won't focus on him. I think perhaps, we made him a bit too shiny. :)

At the end of the season, part of our tree will become our yule log for next year. And with that, the Yule preparations have begun at our house.


  1. Ahhh, the aroma of a fresh tree! I know you will enjoy the Season in your home, first Yule, how exciting! Love your header, btw! Hugs!

  2. sounds like you had fun. I love the smell of a fresh tree but hate the constant pine needles dropping. Hugs Sara

  3. He's going to be a beautiful tree...and no one noticed the bags except you...

  4. Happy, happy Yule. The smell of a real tree, the fun of the decorating all have a super charged magic to them. Blessings, Oma Linda bags were noticed in the viewing of this blog

  5. We are getting our tree tomorrow! I can't wait!

    Love the new layout! Very charming!

  6. PS: This will also be our first live tree and I plan on saving the base as a Yule log for next year. =P

  7. Yay for the real tree, can't wait to see pics!

    Love the new blog design by the way.

  8. Love it! I'm heading out with the parents and brother & kids this weekend for a tree. I love your idea to recycle a portion of the tree into a Yule log - I'm totally stealing that idea!

  9. I wish my hubby would like a real tree! He says that they're too messy.. blah blah blah

    you're new layout is so lovely and wintry :)


  10. Yay, Yule tree!!! =D

    I can't wait until we're able to have a real tree... I love how they smell... ^-^

    Love the Flogging Molly sweater btw... =D



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