Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkins, Movies and Tea - Oh My!

Oh, October, you cheeky minx! You've managed to perk me up so much that I had to practically force myself to sit down to upload photos and visit my own cottage. The house is still being cleaned, the art has been slow going but is still poking its head up more than it was and I had to pry myself off the patio this morning long after my coffee had magically vanished to get to work by the skin of my teeth.

Not to mention the fact that I got off my broom sitting behind and actually went for (wait for it) a run this morning! For those of you who don't know, I am in no way shape or form a runner. I have some crabby knees already at the ripe old age of 28 and I will always choose to walk quickly over running. But for whatever reason, when I woke up this morning I was practically buzzing with energy and my legs wouldn't hear of a quiet sit down until they had worked off some of their restlessness.

Somehow during all of this, I managed to get out and do some festive things! And so, my loves, I present to you my first three days of Hallowe'en. In pictorial form, of course!

On the First Day of Hallowe'en,

We visited Oktoberfest, where one year ago exactly we met a realtor who became a friend and began the search for our home.

On the Second Day of Hallowe'en,

We took a stroll through the park. The first since Joe broke his foot; he is doing worlds better now, thank you for the well wishes! After which we stopped at the local tea bar for, you guessed it, a hot cup of pumpkin spice tea.

On the Third Day of Hallowe'en,

I broke out the beginnings of the decorations and did up the mantle! Some of the things on here were made for me by other artists, such as the grinning pumpkin man, the witch tin and the Halloween house. While some of these things stay out all year, grouping them all together and adding a few extras just makes my Autumn heart happy.

It's actually been cool enough down here that I've pulled the comforter out and put it on the bed so we can snuggle down each night in our chilly bedroom, sometimes after having watched a seasonal movie. The weather man tells me it's supposed to get back up into the 80's later this week, I couldn't help but frown at him. Summer's had her reign (since March!), it's time to let Autumn play. Bugger off, hot days! ;)

P.S. So far, we've watched two movies to kick off the Halloween season. Here are their trailers, for those who may be curious:

Tucker and Dale VS Evil


What are some of your favorite movies to watch at this time of the year?


  1. Hey, the first three days look very Autumnal and two are so cute. I'm glad Mr. Joe is feeling better and that you two could make it out to enjoy the festivities that are in your neck of the woods.....
    Oma Linda

  2. Lovely mantle!
    I craved a pumkin today! It was sitting on my table and yelled at me. The seeds are now soaking in salt water, waiting to be roast...yum!

  3. Your October looks like it's off to a great start. :) I can't wait to see what the rest of the month holds.

  4. Your mantle is wonderful! I am so tickled for you to have your lovely home now to decorate for all the Seasons! So glad Joe's foot is better!! I can not believe you went running!! ugh!

  5. I'm absolutely in love with this time of year. I always seem to be in a better mood. I have been working on my fall-ish type projects and such. I enjoy reading your blog. :)

  6. ur mantle is getting me all festive now, time to crack open the decs i think, gotta get the mister to watch those movies with me lol

  7. I love Autumn, and especially the way it is now. Cool but sunny and windy. I love to feel the wind on my face and watch the gold and red leaves twirl.
    My favorite movies for this time of the year are Practical magic and You ve got mail. Have a beautiful day and keep on decorating! Yeih!!

  8. I'm so glad to hear you have the pep back in your step.

    There are only 2 instances wherein you will see me running:

    1. From the po-lice
    2. From someone with a knife

  9. I did a post about my favorite Halloween movies on my blog! So far we have watched Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Can't wait to watch the rest!

  10. I love the new look of your blog! And what a great way to begin counting down to Halloween! :)

  11. Trollhunter is on instant! Is it scary?

  12. Just came across your lovely blog and am looking forward to reading along.

    I love your mantle! So many wonderful decorations.

    Our favorite Halloween movies are "Halloween" (nobody in the house will watch with me :(), "Hocus-Pocus" (the Bear's favorite), "Practical Magic" and "The Craft." I'll have to check out "Trollhunter" and "Tucker and Dale."

  13. Hey Danni, your mantle looks awesome!
    I like to watch, Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, any of the Harry Potters but especially the first one. The Nightmare before Christmas, Beetlejuice, and if it comes on the TV-Salem's Lot.

    Where is the blog list for all of us that signed up to do this with you?
    I haven't had any visitors from this end.

  14. Susan, all of the blog party participants are listed right in the right hand sidebar beneath the party button.


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