Monday, April 18, 2011

Seeds Across the Moon

The wind blows, gently carrying the seeds of trees and flowers across the full face of April's full moon. The Wind moon rises, showering new life with her soft light as the warmth and renewal of Spring blows in beneath her.

The wind moon is a moon of new beginnings, a time to put your wistful sighs and dreams into action. This is also a moon under which to celebrate the spirits of the animals and plants around you, honor them as their strength returns.

May all of the seeds of change and new beginnings you sew on this night flower brilliantly. Blessed esbat, lovelies.


  1. Such a wonderful way with words! Blessed Esbat!

  2. A blessed esbat to you too! I hope that all the seeds I planted for my garden today grow & flower brilliantly. May yours do the same. ^-^

  3. Blessed esbat to you as well!


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