Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recent Works

I'll be honest, since we've moved I haven't gotten very much done in the art department. My art journals are sadly neglected and my watercolors have been a bit dry and lonely. I blame it on a combination of the moving blues, an incessant need to to be outside all of the time and a visit from the in-laws. All that being said, I have completed a few things, which surprisingly, have all been for myself and the lovely.

A few weeks ago I had the idea to create a painting based on Mesoamerican (Mayan, Aztec, Etc) styles for Joe as he has a deep seeded fondness for their artwork, culture and mythologies. I hemmed and hawed for an entire weekend over what to paint before deciding on Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent. I cracked open my Art History books, thumbed through some of the books and photos Joe has from his time in Honduras and got to work.

12x24 Acrylic on canvas.

The final product is a blend of the bright bold style of Mayan paintings and my own typically more flowing style. This painting was incredibly difficult for me to do as it is so far removed from my favored style and subject matter; when I was about half way through I hated it. Now that it's complete and Joe loves it, I've grown a bit more fond of it, though I still have a difficult time believing I painted it.

I also painted and stained a box that was supposed to house my Faerie Oracle deck, however, I neglected to measure the box or the cards until after I had completed it and it is about 1/4" too small.

Acrylic on wood.

This is painted with my beloved bee who is a symbol of wisdom and communication as well as foxglove, which are often said to be a protective flower as well as being a plant that attracts bees and fairies alike. I will find something else to keep in it soon enough, I'm sure.

While all this painting was going on, a friend of mine offered to teach me the basics of needle felting. As someone who doubts she can ever have too many hobbies, I jumped at the opportunity to learn something new. She was kind enough to gift me with 4 needles and quite a bit of wool in different colors. I started off with a simple piece which I plan to hang from fishing line in my dining room window:

Is anyone really surprised by this?

After she went home I was left with the urge to make something else. In an obvious progression and having an entire project under my belt I decided "to hell with patterns!' and began poking away at a ball of blue felt until I had a wee pretty who now adorns my desk:

I have plans for several creatures now dancing within my head, from a larger Gaia to mischievous goblins, to dancing fairies to hang in the window, to a small dragon. But first, I have to gather some information on natural dying methods as well as kool-aid dying so I can put some color into the 4 oz of undyed natural roving sitting on my desk.

If you have any experience or suggestions on the matter, please, let me know!


  1. The painting is awesome. Love the color choices. And ohmyheck, you now know how to needlefelt....well that's it, I'm gonna sulk. Nah, that's terrifical and as you....hey the bees got gone. They're yours to do with along with a tiny add on from GK. I guess she thoughtyou needed small cards..........hmmmmmmm wrong kind right thought, that is just too funny. Great Beeeeeeee box. XOXO the Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. Beautiful artwork. Glad I dropped in for a visit!

  3. The painting you have done for Joe is such a completely different style for you, and so very amazing!! I love your needle felting, especially the bee! You are going to be busy, aren't you, with the new home, and all your art!!! Lucky you! Busy as a Bee!!!

  4. I just love the bees ^_^ you've got style lady!

  5. Dani, I absolutely love the painting you did for Joe! So sorry about your Oracle deck box, it's still lovely though. Maybe a jewelry box? I don't think I'd have the patience for needle felting. Kudos!

  6. Both of the paintings are absolutely gorgeous. The colors on the Quetzalcoatl are so vibrant it's fantastic. And the needle felted gaia makes me want to learn the craft. I can't believe you did that freehand after just learning the craft. I am totally jealous.

  7. I love your Gaia, she's beautiful!!!

  8. Holy wow! =D

    I super love your Quetzalcoatl! And I adore bees, so they're just, dare I say it??? The bee's knees... aaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha...

    ahem. o_O

    Seriously though, your most recent projects are beautiful! You should be very proud of them all. ^-^


  9. Fantastic painting! You have really channeled the Aztec/Mayan spirit. The colors are so vibrant!

  10. Oh my goodness, both of those paintings are fantastic! I am very drawn to bees, as well. And I love your little needle-felted bee, too. I've wanted to try needle felting, as well. I have a little kit for an owl - I just need to set aside some time. Congrats on these lovely pieces! Theresa

  11. The painting and the box are beautiful! I am glad you are having fun with the needle felting, we will have to get into my wool stash soon and start you spinning too. :-)

  12. Great work, I am in love with the feathered serpent!

  13. The paintig and the wool 'sculptures' (?)are all beautiful!

  14. Thanks for the inspiration to try needle felting!!


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