Friday, February 11, 2011

On Goblins

It's no secret that I have a soft spot for a particular race of wee, mischievous fae; the goblins. Oft depicted as small, with Earth toned skins of green, brown or a mixture thereof, the goblins have a fairly bad reputation as evil fae.

Let me ask you, do these look like creatures of pure evil?

Goblins from the movie 'Labyrinth'.

If your answer is 'no', then we're in agreement on the matter! So, why the bad reputation? For starters, often times goblins get lumped in with their larger more violent cousins, the Orcs. While it is true that goblins can come in sizes varying from the itty bitty to that of a small child, it is rare for them to grow to the same size or larger then the average human! Goblins are typically much smaller ad less malicious then their cousins and are often incredibly clever. If they are in the company of orcs it is most likely because the goblin doesn't wish to be eaten!

Goblins are known to have a fondness for ale, bread and the warmth of a fire, but what goblins seem to be the most fond of is causing mischief! A goblin in your home may 'misplace' your keys or one of your earrings, cause your milk to sour, or tease your cats so they seemingly meow angrily at nothing but thin air. While this can be very tiresome, a goblin in your home, if feeling benevolent and having been treated well can help snap you out of a lazy slump with a pinch to the rear! If you've made a particularly kindly connection with a Goblin, he is a creature with strong associations with Earth and can be helpful in magic involving this element.

As is the case with a lot of races, including we humans, a few bad apples can ruin things for everyone! While not all goblins are malicious, one should be wary of them as they would any stranger as one never quite knows if the goblin's mischief will be harmless or harmful.

P.S. Goblins in popular fantasy tend to be a lot larger and vile then their faery lore counterparts. If you're familiar with The Lord of the Rings trilogy or the movie "Legend" you'll have run across larger goblins with a penchant for evil and sometimes a taste for human flesh. In my experiences, while I adore Blix, I've yet to come across a goblin who is anything like him.

Blix from the movie 'Legend'.

P.P.S. Expect to be visited by a few wee goblins here very soon!


  1. There's a wee part of our property that I'm wuite certain is inhabited by goblins. It's a shadier and damper than where our faeries live, full of tangles and near a running stream. When the weather is nicer I'll take some snaps of our 'goblin grove' to share :)

  2. Brian Froud has always been an artist that captures the (hmm... how to put this)multifaceted nature of goblins. They look Old-young-wise-foolish-nasty-quirky-fun-and mischievous all at the same time!

  3. We too have a spot in our garden that is certainly visited if not inhabited by goblins. And occasionally our little dog Ellie Mae is quite intrigued by the computer room closet...there is a trap door there that leads under the house and we do leave offerings but she certainly is more targeted there than the faery door in the studio. I'm thinking maybe...............

  4. I love those films they are my favourite, a wondefull blog you have here, it is fast becoming one of my favourite. Blessings.x

  5. I actually like goblins very much. They are smart, know how to have a good time (not only when a bit tipsy). Who can really dislike a prankster?

  6. I never knew so much about goblins and greatly appreciate the enlightenment. I shall be on the lookout for they seem to be most delightful, even with the mischief!

  7. Goblin homes, eh? I can only hope to be fortunate enough to have a place for the wee little trouble makers to roost. I'd love to see photos when you ladies have the chance to take and share them!

    I can't help it, I just love the little pranksters.

  8. Wonderful Post! Can't wait for the visit......

  9. I also love goblins. And the movies mentioned. :)

  10. *Goblins are known to have a fondness for ale, bread and the warmth of a fire*

    Do you mean to tell Giant Troll is really a Goblin?
    Has he been lying to me all these years?
    He he you can see I'm trying to catch up...


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