Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is Joe's Valentine, you all get to see it before he does! 4x4 watercolor gnomey caricature.

Valentine's day is a stressful day for a lot of folks due to a number of reasons. It used to be for me, way back when, but now our day is traditionally low key.

We don't go out and wait for hours to get into the fancy restaurants (which are always only serving 4 items, all of which I'm never fond of!), we don't exchange heaps of gifts, I don't fuss if there aren't flowers and chocolate delivered to my place of work (home, at the moment). Instead, Joe and I use today as a day to just kick back and be together.

This isn't to say that we don't love each other each and every day, because oh - we very much do! But with how busy things can get, especially right now between answering a bajillion and one questions for underwriters and waiting to hear we will definitely be moving into our first home, my job hunting, his job schedule and the fact that tomorrow evening my brother and his girlfriend are moving in to stay with us for a few months due to a new job he's taken, it's nice to have a day set aside to just veg out and be.

We'll be celebrating with a home cooked meal and a bit of cheekiness. Perhaps with extra cheekiness for good measure, as tonight is our last night officially alone for a bit!

Have a wonderful evening, no matter if or how you may celebrate, lovelies!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Danni! I love the way you and Joe celebrate this Hallmark holiday, it sounds like my kind of celebration. I know Joe will love his's so cute!

  2. I just saw that you were the winner of The Blue Fairie's giveaway! I'm so excited that someone I know won one of my tags! Congratulations!

  3. like your attitude.. enjoy your time together.. Happy Valentines day to both of you

  4. I LOVE the look on their faces! They've definitely been struck with the rosy feeling of love.

    Happy V Day!

  5. Oh that is wonderful!! Gnomes in love!

  6. Ooooh Danni...did you have a good time then?
    Is that picture of you two?
    You pair of romantics!

    Love from the V-Grinch ;O)


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