Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Walk in the Autumn Woods

On Sunday, the 24th day of Hallowe'en, Joe and I decided to go to the State Park about 20 minutes from our apartment, since we hadn't done it yet. It's a well wooded park with narrow, dusty trails and despite the fact that there were a lot of people to share the trails with, including a few suicidal (homicidal?) mountain bikers flying down the paths and over rocks with little regard to the walkers they share the trails with, it was a beautiful place. I didn't feel quite the connection I felt with the forests back home, but I'm sure in time the energy of the forest will sneak up and join me and I will be pleased when it does so.

This one reminds me of the final scene in Legend, where all the fairies are waving goodbye with the Unicorns. Something about the lighting.

As it was, the walk was pleasant and not terribly taxing. We held hands, I snapped photos, we enjoyed the changing leaves, collected a few wee pine cones, found a baby snake and were followed by a squirrel for twenty minutes or so.

The past two days of Hallowe'en have been spent doing simpler things. I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. As the days wind down, so will my activities since I'm having a more laid back end to the Hallowe'en season than I'm used to. Some of the lovelies coworkers and hopefully the two ladies I've befriended down here will be attending my small Hallowe'en Party on the 30th and we'll be carving Jack-O-Lanterns and handing out candy before I have Samhain ritual on the 31st.

And then dear hearts, it will be November. I have no idea where this month went.

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  1. This place is beautiful! So glad you shared the photos. I don't get changing leaves here in Florida and I miss them!

    p.s. That's really weird about the Blix painting and the caption of one of your photos too!

  2. ~a magical walk in the woods...beautiful photos...you even made that wee little snake so pleasing to the eye! i too can hardly believe november will be here in a blink of the eye...my husband and i were just having the same conversation...wondering where the days went...i wish you well and blessings upon you and yours always~

  3. Absolutely beautiful Danni! Stunning, stunning shots. There weather's been really bad here recently, definitely not walking conditions. I'm itching to get out while there's still some leaves on the trees but with this wind I doubt that'll happen :( Thanks so much from bringing this autumn loveliness to the comfort of my own home! Hope you're having a lovely day!

    Roisin x


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