Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On the Twelfth Day of Hallowe'en...

I spent a good portion of my day cleaning my apartment in preparation of my annual Autumn cleansing. With the approach of Samhain, this has always been the perfect time for renewal, protection and banishing spells around the home. First thing I like to do before any sort of spellwork is physically clean my space from top to bottom, alleviating any clutter or dirty nooks and crannies where negativity can linger and hide out. Tomorrow, once I've finished my deep cleaning, I'll get to the witchy work of shooing away the negativity that's collected in here, cleansing my home and renewing protection spells.

I've got my four thieves vinegar a-brewing and I'll share more about how I go about the magical side of my cleaning ritual tomorrow after I've finished. To relax after all of my scrubbing and tossing out of things today however, I did some light decorating around the living room that I thought I'd share.

A small portion of my witch collection with Joe's insect collection.
TV Stand Right Side
The decor in front of our television.
Some close ups of two of the jolly fellows who live in front of the television:
Tiny Hat Jack
This Lolly is all Mine!

Those two fellows came to live with us after we picked them up in New Jersey at a consignment shop for the unbelievable price of $3 each! And they aren't small or chintzy either.


  1. Fall makes me want to clean too. Get rid of the bad energies for sure!

    And I love the collection you have, so cute!

  2. Your collections of beasties is wonderful. I love the toad with the hat....magickal indeed. Hope you are on the mend dear one. The Olde Bagg

  3. Hope your feeling better! I have that same toad in the witches hat, I love him.

  4. i agree i like doing a good deep cleaning in the fall as well!! love your witches & the pumpkins!!!

  5. I love your Halloween style its so cool and magical I wish i had such an original and imaginative Halloween decoration collection! Espcially as my birthday is the day before you would have thought I would have gather up some interesting items by now lol! x


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