Monday, October 11, 2010

Anniversary Pumpkins

Ever since I was a little witch, my favorite thing to do each Autumn has been to tromp through a muddy field and find the perfect pumpkin for the year. I go in with no thought as to what sort of pumpkin I'd like to get, rather preferring to wander the field until one strikes me. So it's no wonder that a pumpkin patch is where Joe proposed to me and no surprise that it's quickly becoming a tradition to go pumpkin picking on our anniversary. I don't know what I'll do when it falls on a weekday next year and there are no patches open, but I'll worry about that then.

That being said, yesterday we went to a local field that had a corn maze and a pumpkin patch, so we could get our fill of fun in one convenient location. Let me tell you that having lived in the North my whole life, this was a completely weird pumpkin experience for me. First off, the corn maze only came up to our chests and as such it was near impossible to really get lost. We're used to corn stalks that go over our heads! As if that wasn't odd enough, for the first time in my entire life not only was I sweating while pumpkin picking, I was wearing a tank top since it was 86 degrees! I'm accustomed to wearing a sweatshirt because it's going to be in the 60's and probably windy, which to be perfectly honest, is much better weather to carry heavy gourds in.

We made the most of it though and ended up hauling home 5 perfect pumpkins.

Why yes, that IS Boba Fett on my hat.

ignore the other things in the back of my car


  1. I think you got the best looking punikins I've seen in a long time. I especially like the one with the hat and cute smile. Happy Anniversary again to the cutest pumpking picking couple I know. The Olde Bagg

  2. cute hubby...Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Squee!!! I love tromping through pumpkin patches! =D
    You two are adorable, but I'm not quite sure what to say about the pygmy corn... o_O

    The pumpkins are just wonderful though! ^-^
    I can't wait for this coming weekend... that's when I get to go pumpkin hunting! I'll take pics & post them when I do. ^-^

  4. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing the photos - I've never seen pumpkins growing before!

  5. You've now made visiting the States specifically to go pumpkin picking an offical new entry on my 'must do' list. They don't grow here (not very well, anyway) and you make it sound like such a wonderful tradition! I'm jealous not to have had that growing up. Thanks for sharing the fun :)

  6. You guys are so cute. And those are gorgeous pumpkins. I bought mine at the walmarts... just not the same.

  7. Lol! Nope, no guns. It's the snow brush/ice scraper I keep in my car. You do that when you live where it can blizzard with no warning. Now that I'm down south, I guess I can take it out of there.

  8. Your pumpkin picking adventure inspired me and I picked up my first pumkins of the season this weekend. I got the cutest mini white pumpkins.

  9. Joe's a real cutie! But too bad about that pathetic corn. Maybe a kudzu maze would have worked better.


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