Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday - Neighbors

Those of you who are friends of mine over on Facebook have probably read my incredibly profane rant about my awful upstairs neighbors. For those that haven't, let me take a moment to explain my situation to you. My husband and I moved into our gorgeous apartment with it's gorgeous view and fabulous layout in March. For the first month we were here we didn't even know if we had upstairs neighbors... we never saw or heard them.

It turns out, we did indeed have neighbors. A fact I was alerted to by the presence of a stinky nicotine and tar colored puddle of liquid that mysteriously appeared on my porch. Upon a quick glance up, I discovered it was dripping from the porch above me. I went over to the complex office and alerted them to the problem. I also photographed the mess to have proof that I wasn't making it up. Around this time we also decided that our neighbors couldn't possibly be human, rather elephants who enjoyed wrestling and doing laundry at 11pm most nights.

The dumping of their ashtray cleansings happened twice more and twice more complaints about their lack of courtesy (as well as the dirtying of my patio furniture and the fact that had I not been inside getting a drink I would have had the offending liquid dumped on my head) as well as their noisy habits were lodged. Things were fine for a bit, until this afternoon when I came home and it being a gorgeous day wanted to paint on my porch. A simple enough goal to achieve, correct?

Perhaps. If your neighbors didn't dump a gallon of milk on their porch and subsequently onto yours. My table, chairs and half of my patio are covered in sun baked sour milk. You can bet your ass this witch has had it. I took pictures, printed them and stormed over to the office. I was told the manager herself will be calling me back today about the problem and they will be taking care of my neighbors this time.

Right, just like the previous three times?

I'm frustrated. I'm annoyed. I want to fling cat poo onto their porch and see how much they like it. I also don't want to move to another apartment complex... I love this one and just finished unpacking and organizing everything maybe a week ago. If the universe is going to be fair, the 6 obnoxious elephants packed into the 2 bedroom apartment upstairs should be the ones to leave, not us.

In the meantime, I'm open to any suggestions to dealing with this be they mundane or magical, because I'm seriously getting ready to fling hexes along with the cat poo. Are there any good protection spells or banishing spells you know of that may help? How about ways to get them out of here so I don't have to leave, aside from documenting everything they dump on my porch which will really only help me out if I decide to break my lease.

I'm trying to pack for my trip and work on some new deity paintings of Nut, Cernunnos, Lugh and Demeter but this aggravation is really getting in the way of my motivation.



  1. Darling girl, I am so sorry. I have a complicated relationship with my next door neighbors and have had to resort to taking myself to the karmic cleaners instead of sharing my wrath with them. A sister witch helped me by giving me a different outlook towards all of this.....unadulterated non human response to cohabitating the planet. I made an evil eye..a plate that I was able to write upon, put a mirror in the center, listed my grievances with the neighbors and their names, and then I cleansed it. I have put it pointing towards their house, and every Sunday (my own strongest day) I redirect my healing energies towards them and light a candle with what I want to happen (no not that) to this problem carved into it and let it burn down.
    I must say it has helped my attitude and I almost forgot to do the ritual on Sunday...that's how little I am bothered by them now. Hope that helps. The Olde Bagg

  2. I like the above comment. I go with a mundane fix for now though- can you erect an awning or big umbrella to deter their crap from your porch onto the sidewalk? I know you will get less sun, but anything they dro might roll over your yard and onto public area where hopefully the office will notice.
    Have you written a nice* note and left it on their door? Or talked to them? I don't know if that helps, but right now you are a faceless nag to them. If they are facing you perhaps they will have a heart and brain.

  3. I think The Olde Bag's ritual sounds good. Neighbors - they can be a challenge, especially in apartments. I like mirror spells to reflect back issues and energies - it works well.

  4. Wow 6 people in a 2 bedroom... Wow. You are a better person than me at this point. I would have been banging down their door at those hours and over all of those issues. I like the first comment about how to deal with that. In fact I think I am going to use that in the event I one day have a neighbor like that again.(In our old apartment we had a terribly scary and intimidating neighbor) Calm thoughts. Deep breathing and I will send positive thoughts to you and your office manager so hopefully they will actually do something this time! Keep on them! So sorry this is happening. It sounds extremely unpleasant.

  5. I really like that idea, Linda and it will be easy for me to point my mirror towards them as they are upstairs.

    In this situation, it's unfortunate the my apartment has a pond view and not a sidewalk view. I doubt the apartment complex will care if their dribble ends up in the grass and not the cement. :(

  6. I don't have any really good advice that hasn't been already said. Mirrors are amazing. Shoot all that negativity right back at them.

    I certainly hope things get better for you though, and that the complex manager follows through. Sending lots of good energy your way.

  7. What a situation...we had barking dogs next door for a while...we called them at 2 am when the dogs woke us up...might be too late for you to take that tactic...try Linda's suggestion first and the umbrella might work also...then the people under you can complain about the stuff on the lawn...Sending good thoughts your way...

  8. I don't normally comment, but feel so sad that you're going through this. Neighbours are so hard to deal with sometimes, especially when we may well prefer to live in the middle of a field or wood!

    I'd definitely go with a mirror spell to send their negativity back to them. I would stick it on the roof or your porch with the shiny side towards them. You could paint a picture on the blank side facing you, something uplifting or with meaning for you.
    I would also try to find out their names, surnames would do and write them on a piece of white paper, fold tightly and stick in a very small pot of honey. This will sweeten the relationship. Every day, bless the pot with love and light and ask for a pleasing outcome. I've used this spell several times with amazing results. I like the fact that it brings peace to a situation, even if the parties involved can't stand each other!

    Best of luck to you.x


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