Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To lighten the mood a wee bit

Since my last post is so negative, I've decided to brighten things up around here by sharing some of my new paintings as well as show you all the completed sorceress painting I posted back when it was in it's sketch and preliminary stages.

Nut is the Egyptian Goddess of the Sky, who swallows the sun each evening and gives birth to it each morning. She is the mother of several deities in the Egyptian Pantheon, including Isis and Osiris.

Typically, she is depicted either stretch across the sky with her body covered in stars with her brother-husband Geb, the Earth beneath her. She is also sometimes depicted as a great star speckled cow and occasionally a many teeted sow.

I've had the image of her swallowing the sun buzzing in my head for a little over a week, so I chose to depict her in my own style as she prepares to swallow the sun.

Demeter is the Greek Goddess of vegetation, fruitfulness and the Harvest and is often associated with corn. It was she who taught humanity how to sow, care for and harvest the grains and vegetation we rely so heavily on for nourishment.

I represented her here as a harvest goddess and included a small tribute to her daughter, Persephone.

And finally,

The sorceress is complete, after several hours of painting. I'm incredibly pleased with the way she turned out, especially the tones of her face and the flow of her hair. I liked her just as much when she was in her blue and brown stage as I do her final stage.

Now I'm off to attempt to paint those pesky male deities and start packing for my trip home. Only one and a half days until we hit the road!


  1. Those are amazing! I am going to look around in your shop!

  2. Beautiful goddesses! I especially love the detail you put into the hair on Nut & the sorceress.

  3. Wonderful paintings!My favourite is the sorceress!

  4. These are beautiful, wow. I am in love with Nut and Demeter, so fantastic. I wish I had your mad painting skills.

  5. These are beautiful images, most creative... I love them!! And thanks so much for sharing... I truly enjoy reading your blog.


  6. Beautiful, beautiful paintings! I love the imagery and the colours....

  7. I love the Demeter one! I make a little pomegrante necklace just like that.


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