Friday, September 3, 2010

The Sorceress - A WIP

Do you all recall my sorceress sketch from a few weeks ago? Well, I've sat down today since my fever has broken and I am sore and tired of laying around, to lay down the first few layers of watercolor on her.

The Sorceress - blues and browns

So far, I'm enjoying how she's turning out although I'm not sure how she'll progress from here. I intend to make her raven haired and need to work on her skin tones a bit more, fingers crossed I don't make a mess of her.

Watercolor is a medium I hardly used growing up and I've certainly had no formal training in it aside from flipping through a book once. Once I started using it to slather backgrounds and random details into my journal I became more or less addicted to it. I've still only read that one book and I'll let you all in on a little secret; most of what I do is made up as I go along. I pull bits of color theory out and use a few of the layering techniques I use when I do pencil or pastel work, but mostly I'm just learning as I go and I adore it.

I'll be calling it an early night however and leaving her to rest for a few days so I can kick a little more of this awful cold out of my system and enjoy Apple Fest in Hendersonville, NC tomorrow. I'm sure it will be nowhere as huge or chaotic as Apple Fest in Warwick, NY but I intend to enjoy it nonetheless.

Have a lovely weekend, dears!


  1. She's gorgeous, you get well and enjoy the apple fest. When you come out this way we'll stick the Joe's together and run for cover....hehehehe. The Olde Bagg
    Be well dearie

  2. She is coming along beautifully!

    Hope your cold is gone so you can enjoy your Apple Fest! These Summer colds are really holding on.

  3. She's already so beautiful! Love to see how you match the colors, it's lovely.

    Oh, an Apple Fest? I'd die to visit one, one of my favorite fruits... Don't forget the camera! ;)

    Kisses, sweetie!

  4. Ooooh a raven haired one...yummy!
    I like her already Danni :0)
    How are you feeling now my little sweet pea...any better?

  5. beautiful....

    i'm rather a fan of the seat-of-your-pants approach...;)


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