Friday, July 2, 2010

Inspiring Art Journaler - Phizzychick

It seems only appropriate to me to showcase the artist who turned me on to journaling as the first inspirational art journaler. Those of you who are also on Craftster will definitely know who I'm talking about since she's a huge personality and help over on the site.

Phizzychick is an artist who resides in Spain, but is originally from the UK. She is a former art teacher who has had her art shown in galleries in London and a self proclaimed hoarder with a tendency to pick up bits and bobs of paper from the streets as well as feathers, funky stones and whatever else catches her eye. She has quite the collection of found playing cards...

Journal page and photo are property of Phizzychick.

Her style is instantly recognizable once you've taken a few peeks at her work. Whether her themes are dark, cheery, funny or serious her colors are vibrant and her line and collage work is unique. Her pages are often times filled with layers of tiny details and personal meaning.

Journal page are photo are property of Phizzychick.

Her style is whimsical and playful and a few of her wee details are repeated through a number of her works, such as her unique style of hearts. Her journals tend to include a plethora of techniques, from simple ink drawings to several layers of paint and collage.

I highly recommend giving her work a look. You can get a great idea of what different techniques on pages can look like. She's also done a few themed books which are beautiful and fun. You can find her...
On Flickr
On Blogger
On Etsy


  1. I remember spending a nice part of an winter evening browsing throught her crafster post. So inspiring! :)

  2. ~i have never seen her work...thank you for sharing...look forward to spending some time over there being filled with some creative inspiration...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. Thanks for sharing Phizzy's work Danni! I love her style and she is such an inspiration. One day I too will have my own style, one page at a time :)

  4. I LOVE Phizzy's work. I have been drooling over it since I first came across it on Craftster. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I've not ever seen her work before and I'm an Etsy lover. Wow. How cool. Thanks for the inspiration and the ideas. I can't wait to start this morning. I've been putting thises and thatses together and I am going whole hog crazy this morning. :-)

    Thanks so much, Danni!


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