Sunday, January 10, 2010

Loafing Resolution

Happy Sunday, everyone. I hope today finds you all warm. I also hope that the new calendar year is being kind to you.

I have fresh hot coffee in hand and am loafing about on the computer in a vain attempt to get out of some housework. I know the dishes will still be there when I get up, but a girl can dream that they'll clean themselves, right?

I resolved to do quite a few things this year, and after thinking about it for a good long time, the power word I picked for this year is growth and I don't mean that in the spherical sense. My goals along my spiritual path, artistically and in terms of emotional fortitude are all encompassed in that singular word.

This year I have resolved to keep creating and not to let lackluster Etsy sales through Autumn and the holidays get me down. I'd like to draw more frequently and maybe *gasp* take a painting class. I've resolved to visit, photograph and document at least a dozen new abandonments. I'm also going to work in my art journal more, I've been neglecting it and I miss it.

Spiritually, I'm going to focus on creating my own traditions, an idea that's been rattling about in my head since Jupiter at Carnelian Chronicles asked about individual traditions and worked on getting her own thoughts out on paper. To track this I'll be creating a Grimoire. As a final spiritual resolution, I'd like to begin studying the tarot more in depth.

My personal resolutions regarding health and emotions are already coming along very well. I resolved to eat better this year and drop this post marriage weight that I swear appeared over night. While part of my health goal was also to exercise more frequently, possibly including taking up yoga and belly dance, those plans have been put on hold by my recent hospital stay. I was having tremendous abdominal pains and went to the hospital where I was told I have a good sized ovarian cyst that will need constant monitoring until it goes away or requires surgery. I've been ordered to rest and wait as rupturing the cyst could cause even bigger problems such as internal bleeding and appendicitis.

Maybe I can use doctor's orders as an excuse for loafing just a bit longer. :)


  1. Sorry to hear about your cyst. I know how painful those things can be so please take care of yourself.

  2. Pick a painting class that will stimulate you! I've taken many art classes and some were just so blah. Figure drawing is always a fun challenge and live models are the bees knees. Find art in the negative spaces!

    I think the idea of working on your own path and traditions is wonderful and I've been wrestling with the notion of Grimoiring it up myself instead of using a million little pieces of paper in several notebooks to get me through. I always worry about never having a book big enough to put all my thoughts, spells, recipes, and rituals in. I'd hate to have to recopy everything once I fill a book. Once I find the right book I think I will know. I'd love to see your progress on this, keep us updated!

    As far as your health, you will be in my thoughts. Keep rested and know that I'm lighting candles for you, dear. Stay well :)

  3. Your creativity and drive is inspiring, your goals sound like good ones and what's more, very achievable, so go you!

    I really do hope you start to feeling better soon! At least the mystery is solved so hopefully now things can start to be taken care of as far as the cyst goes. I can't even imagine what that has to be like, I've been lucky enough to avoid things like that so far. *knocks on wood*

  4. Oh gosh - do take care of yourself! That sounds painful. I hope it goes away - the other option doesn't sound like any fun!

    Loaf to your heart's content. The dishes will still be there...

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your ovarian cyst! I'm thinking of you and sending positive healing energy your way.

    However, I am glad that I've inspired you to think about your own tradition. It's a lot of thinking and meditation but also a lot of fun :)

  6. I've got a little journal type book that I've been jotting down all kinds of things. I got into the bad habbit of writting stuff down on pieces of paper and then loosing them, too!!

    Sorry to hear about your health problems! I've been there done that with the ovarian cyst... OUCH!!!!!! Keep you head up, love... all will be well!!

  7. I'm very sorry to hear about your cyst, Danni. You'll get to bellydance one day soon though, I just know it!

    I look forwar to what 2010 brings...and it sounds like it just might be a good year for both of us.



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