Saturday, January 16, 2010

Green Tea and Card Reading

Happy Saturday lovelies! I woke up shortly after the sun this morning and have spent the morning wrapped in my favorite afghan (a wedding gift from one of my oldest friend's mother) sketching ideas for some new art dolls and sipping green tea with honey. Lots of green tea with honey.

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for the words you left on my previous entry. Knowing that so many people here in my circle of friends and followers have had similar experiences or know someone who has been where I am, has made me feel a lot less alone and gloomy. It's nice to know that there are wonderful souls to talk to.

As I said in my entry, this weekend will be spent relaxing and the weather gods must have leaned in a sympathetic ear when I was vocalising that because today is an uncharacteristically mild mid January day in North Jersey. It's not even noon and I've already spent some time on the steps with my tea cup in my pajamas watching some birds fly by. In the brief time I was outside I spotted two of my favorite birds: a large old crow and a peregrine falcon. I also decided to do a few quick readings this morning, mostly simple yes or no questions but I also decided to do a 7 card spread inquiring as to what I can do to nurture my small Etsy shop and help it to succeed since I'm planning on working on some new pieces later today and tomorrow.

As I've been feeling a bit gloomy, I decided to use my newer Housewives Tarot deck rather than my tried and true Rider-Waite deck. The illustrations and bright colours of the Housewives deck always perk me up and put me in a great mood.

Here is what the spread looked like:

And here are the specific locations and cards as designated by the 7 card layout I chose to use:

Distant Past Influences: Page of Wands (Reversed)
Immediate Past Influences: 10 of Wands (Reversed)
Present Influence: Queen of Pentacles
Present Obstacles: Ace of Wands
Present Outlook: King of Pentacles (Reversed)
Future Influences: Queen of Cups
Future Outlook: Page of Pentacles (Reversed)

I interpreted the spread myself as each card came out and as a whole, but I'd like to see if anyone else wants to take a stab at interpreting the spread. I find that sometimes people who aren't directly vested in the outcome tend to see things that the querent will miss. Please leave your interpretation in comments or email it to me at artful.danni(at) if you feel inclined to do so. :)

As for the rest of the day, I plan to finish this last cup of tea, wake the snoozing husband, do a bit of light shopping (it figures that we would run out of toilet paper the day I decide to relax!) and then spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the Indian summer kind of day that January is giving me.


  1. I love the teapot! Try a bit of Stevia leaf with your green tea and honey, great natural sweetener! I use it in all the blends I make.

  2. A falcon, ooh I'm envious. The rarest birds I ever get to see around here is a Jay. Beautiful but in general the most exotic it gets.

  3. That sounds like one delicious morning! Good for you. I love waking up that way. I hope the rest of your day has been just as wonderful!

  4. I love honey in my tea - so good for you!

    Interesting reading...I don't actually use reversed cards - well..rarely. This is a deck that a few of my friends have, but I haven't worked with. I like it!

  5. It's been so mild here as well...I've really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it's supposed to get colder again this coming week with a chance for snow. ::sigh::

    I wish I could help with your Tarot spread, but I'm very new and have just started studying.



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