Friday, August 7, 2009

Technical Difficulties

I've been the recipient of a number of technical difficulties at home this week, coming home one night to find that my internet, cable and telephone were out.

They managed to make it out this afternoon which means I had to come home from work early. As you can tell I was gravely upset about coming home at 12:30pm on a gorgeous day! ;) Things are all fixed now, so I'm making attempts at catching up on uploads and crafty projects.

Right Now however, I want to say that I hope all of my pagan followers had a very Merry Lughnasadh/Lammas. I celebrated with an evening at the country fair with my husband. During the fair they had a hot air balloon launch, the first I've ever seen, and I really enjoyed it!

We feasted on hot dogs, lemonade, corn and fresh cut french fries. We meandered through the livestock area where I petted some baby goats and a cow and watched a woman sheer, card, and spin Alpaca fleece into yarn!

Her spinning wheel was ever-so-small, so I'm now plotting where I could put one in the apartment, all the while hearing my husband in my mind saying 'Do you need another hobby?'

Of course I do!

After the fair I had a small heartfelt ritual, after which I just cuddled on the couch with the lovely and fell right asleep. I wasn't feeling up to a long involved ritual, so I held my abridged version to celebrate the coming change in seasons and the beginnings of the Harvest.

Just to share, here is my Lammas altar set-up:

I know it's hard to identify some of the items, due to the fact that the placement of my apartment means I never have full sunlight in the area, but you can probably make out my bat shrine holding a place of honor in the center and maybe even see that the altar cloth is a a simple piece of dark cream fabric with a dark brown delicate floral pattern.

Soon I'll have those journal pages I was talking about a while ago to share, once my scanner and I stop fighting over colour saturation!

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