Monday, August 10, 2009

Earth, Sky and a Puzzle

Do you remember that shrine making kick I mentioned the other day? Well, I made another one. This time it's going to live with a wonderful crafter over in Ireland. She wanted a shrine celebrating the union of the God and Goddess and left the pairing of Deities up to me. My mind immediately wandered to the beginning and to me, the ultimate pairing of God and Goddess; The Earth and the Sky. Depending on which pantheons and lore you follow, Mother Earth and Father Sky or Gaia and Uranus, the first union of male and female after Chaos and the one that brought forth sentient life.

Created inside of a tall hinged box with acrylics, paper, foam board, stamps, moss, lavendar, cinnamon, petrified wood, sodalite, metal trinkets and lots and lots of glue.

Before you all think I've gone off the deep end with my shrine making, I've also started work on an entirely new to me project; I'm altering a puzzle, piece by piece. I can't take credit for the idea as I found it on Craftster. I found a 100 piece overly colourful Lisa Frank puzzle for $1 and have been working on altering individual pieces with paper, paint and glue. So far I have several pieces completed:

I'm doing this with no regard to how each piece actually fits into the puzzle, so when I put it together it's going to be a real adventure. I anticipate a lot of upside down and sideways pieces.


  1. Oh, I love the shrine! And what a cool idea with the puzzle! I might have to steal that idea, lol!

  2. the shrine is really cool--luv it and am hoping all goes well with your stepdad

  3. I love shrines. This is great!! Want to exchange buttons?

  4. Thanks everyone!

    MrsB - go ahead and steal the puzzle idea! It's very therapuetic and fun.

    MarZel - Absolutely!


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