Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Over the past few weeks, we've had quite a few things going on.

Adventures were had. New cities explored. A first pair of shoes was purchased and then boycotted.

A second pair of shoes was purchased and was more well received, though Orion (and myself, if I'm being completely honest) still spend most of our time barefoot.

My best friend of 26 years came down from New Jersey to visit with us for a week and it was wonderful to have her here; not least of all because I didn't have to wash a single dish the entire week! ;) We spent a good deal of time eating our way through town, lavishing the boy with affection, and I even took a few showers without an audience! Ah, the little things, right?

During her visit we took a painting class, wandered a beautiful college campus, enjoyed craft beers, explored Asheville, NC, and went out to a piano bar where I sang karaoke. There's video, but I'm not sharing!

She went back home and life continued on as it did before, only a little more quiet and a little more incomplete feeling, as it always feels for a few days after our friends and family from back home leave.

There hasn't been much time to focus on those feelings, though. There are molars growing in that require comfort, the last of Orion's baby friend's celebrated her 1st birthday (and I very nearly sobbed singing to her, because now it's really real - all of our kids aren't babies anymore), the laundry has piled up in it's mysterious fashion, Joe and I have been working on home projects, our anniversary is coming up, October and its annual whirlwind of activity is fast approaching and I'm preparing for an Artisan Fair next month.

Tonight, for reasons I'm blaming on the Equinox, my anxiety is through the roof. So rather than work on anything, I'm planning to drink some tea, eat some cheese, crochet a bit, post my first picture for the 100 Happy Days Project and go to bed early so that tomorrow I might feel a little less jittery and on edge.

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